Homestead Act

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  • The Causes Of The Industrial Strike In 1900's Industrial

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    place in Chicago, on May 4, 1886 were horrible, clearly demonstrating the importance of peacefully protesting and that the U.S. government should not interfere with demonstrations such as this one. The Homestead Strike was an industrial strike at the Carnegie Steel Company plant that occurred in Homestead, Pennsylvania, on July 6, 1892. Many regard it as one of the most violent labor strikes in United States History. The strike began when the manager of the plant, Henry Clay Frick, closed the mill after

  • The Tax Assessor's Office

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    Tax Assessor’s are elected by the people and are responsible for locating taxable property, assessing the value, identifying the owner, and publishing annual and supplemental assessment rolls. Its good to know the assessment of your property to determine if you’re being properly taxed and to see if your home is gaining or losing value. The tax assessor’s office will assess all properties except STAR, Senior Citizens, Veterans, Persons with disabilities, and agricultural properties. The office responsible

  • Andrew Carnegie : A Hero Or A Hero

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    Andrew Carnegie was a philanthropist who changed history in America. The famous Andrew Carnegie was born in November, 1835, to a poor and struggling family in Dunfermline, Scotland. In 1848, his family decided to immigrate to the United States for the necessity of a better life and immediately started working at a local textile mill setting where he earned $1.20 a week. He was soon recognized by his talent of decoding dot-dot dash-dash messages by ear and was hired by Pennsylvania Railroad where

  • Discontent Of The Gilded Age

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    “People’s Party” or the Populists. Nationwide strikes in increased during the summer of 1892. One such strike left ten dead and involved the biggest steel tycoon of the time, Andrew Carnegie. A strike, better known as the Homestead Strike, occurred at Andrew Carnegie’s Homestead steel plant near Pittsburgh. Steelworkers over constant pay cuts decided to retaliate, so they stocked up on weapons and began to strike. Three hundred armed Pinkerton Guards were floated on barges down a river, and many of

  • Andrew Carnegie 's The Fittest

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    social darwinism and the concept of free enterprise, Carnegie believed that opportunity was there for anyone willing to seize it. He expressed these beliefs and demonstrated that they worked using his cutthroat business tactics and other unethical acts he committed to ensure dominance in the steel industry. Even in times of unrest and an almost stagnant

  • Social Darwinism: The Art of Collectivism Essay

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    All for one or one for all “One needs to cultivate the spirit of sacrificing the little me to achieve the benefits of the big me” (Chinese saying, Page 155). America has gone from sacrificing oneself for the good of others, to sacrificing others for the good of oneself. Charles Darwin had long predicted this phenomenon and coined it as the “survival of the fittest.” By definition, it is “a 19th century concept of human society, inspired by the principle of natural selection, postulating

  • The Duty Of The Man Of Wealth

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    Experience III. Workingman’s Response A. Obedient towards Slavery B. Sarcastic response to Carnegies Book C. Free church but dilapidated family conditions IV. “Betterment” Philosophy A. Overview of philosophy B. Workers Autonomy C. Justification V. Homestead Strike A. Carnegie’s Antiunion Strategy B. Low salary more work C. Outcome of the strike “The Duty of the Man of Wealth”: Two Perspectives on Men of Wealth After fifteen years of the Civil War, Northern and southern manufactures gave birth to dramatic

  • Analysis Of Andrew Carnegie And The Rise Of Big Business Essay

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    Industrializing America was the quarter stone that ultimately transitioned this developing nation into a dominating power. The resources and demand for expansion sent a worldwide calling to any and to all who wished to advance themselves in this new world, where opportunities were endless. Indeed many responded to the call, such as the Carnegie family, of which was seeking rebirth to stabilize themselves after losing everything. Fortunately the Carnegies had made the right decision and from that

  • Andrew Carnegie's Role In Reshaping The Industrial Industry

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    Throughout America's great history, the industrial age has been one to reshape the entirety of the country's current state as well as the future. Of many leading men, industrialists they call them, such as John D Rockefeller and Henry Ford, emerged one right from the roots of Pittsburgh by the name of Andrew Carnegie. This man plays a key role in the country’s expansion of infrastructure and steel work making one of the most successful Americans economic wise. He shows the complete story of the American

  • The Labor Conditions Of The United States Is Not Without Problems By A Long Shot

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    Battle of Homestead. This began when the tugboat known as Little Bill brought nearly 300 Pinkerton Detectives hired by Carnegie and his colleagues to the union workers of the Homestead Carnegie steel mill. This resulted in the workers storming the docks and attacking the incoming Pinkertons as they approached the mill2. In the case of union involvement at Homestead Steel Works of the Carnegie Steel Company, potentially more harm may have been done than good during the 1892 battle of Homestead. Homestead