Indo-Pakistani War of 1965

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  • The Causes Of The Indo-Pakistani War Of 1947

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    The Indo-Pakistani war of 1947 was the very first war fought between the two counties over Jammu and Kashmir. The war began when Pakistan sent troops from Waziristan into Kashmir in order to obtain their land. When the king of Kashmir, Hari Singh, realized what Pakistan was doing to Kashmir, he pleaded with India for help. “Tensions exploded in October 1947 when the Pathan Muslims of Poonch rebelled against the Hindu landowners of Kashmir. On October 22, Pakistan sent troops into the region, brutally

  • Kashmir Issue

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    These claims are often reinforced with partisan interpretation of history and selective evidence. The real attitude and concrete policies towards the dispute, however, are often governed by perception of short term “national interests” as defined by dominant political elite of the two countries the interests that apparently are irreconcilable and non-negotiable. While each side sticks to its claims over Kashmir, the Kashmiri Muslims continue to pay a heavy price for their defiant struggle against

  • The India And Pakistan Conflict Remains One Of The Most

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    states, today known as India and Pakistan. The history of relations between the two nations follows an oscillating track between times of peace and resumptions of wars and crises. Conflict expanded to encompass a broad range of issues from terrorism to a nuclear arms race through the history of these nations. Having engaged in four wars over six decades the countries still stand divided over a multitude of issues today, leading to high tensions between the borders. Through the assistance of

  • Examples Of Magical Realism In Midnight's Children

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    led eventually to the first India-Pakistan War in 1947. The war ended in 1948 with UN interference, Kashmir joined the Republic of India, while the Pakistani Government continued to believe that the Muslim state belonged to Pakistan (The Office Historian). Saleem claims that the war, which resumed in 1965, occurred for two reasons: ‘because I dreamed Kashmir into the fantasies of our rules; furthermore, [because] I remained impure, and therefore the war was to separate me from my sins.’(Rushdie,

  • The Kashmir Dispute Between India And Asian Country

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    broke out once more in 1965, but a ceasefire was established that Sept. Indian Prime Minister, Lal Bhadur Shastri, and Pakistani President, M Ayub Khan, signed the Tashkent agreement on Jan one, 1966. They resolved to try to finish the dispute, but the death of mister Shastri and the rise of information Yahya Khan in Asian nation resulted in stalemate. In 1971a third war, resulting in the formation of the freelance nation of Bangla Desh (formerly called East Pakistan). A war had broken out in People

  • Study Of Kashmir 's Count -? Rinsurg

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    Dr. Rubiya Sahееd, daughtеr of thе Indian Ministеr of Homе Affairs, was abductеd (Goldston 1991, 146). Thе situation in Kashmir dеtеrioratеd and thе Indian Army and thе first insurgеnt organizations wеrе involvеd in thе first battlеs of thе civil war. In addition to local Kashmiri insurgеnts fighting thе Indian govеrnmеnt, forеign rеbеls bеgan to sеt position on thе scеnе from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and othеr Muslim countriеs from thе Middlе East to aid thе insurgеnts in thеir еndеavors against

  • Summary Of The Dog Of Titwal

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    like paradise but ironically the most violent and gruesome activities take place in this place that looks like paradise. The war, mostly in the form of

  • Pakistan, India and The Disputed Region of Kashmir Essay

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    strategic dimensions. Pakistan is no other exception to this; now this thought paper will discuss what sort of flaws are there is Pakistan’s foreign policy regarding the undisputed territory: Kashmir. The long conflict ravaged part which has caused several wars between India and Pakistan. Pakistan, ever since its inception, has been proclaiming a right on the territory of Kashmir. Indeed Jinnah argued that “the new nation would be incomplete without Kashmir…and the ‘K’ in Pakistan stood for Kashmir,” While

  • Ethnic Conflict: Kashmir

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    into an uproar, and in October of 1947, Pakistan sent Muslim troops into Kashmir. Maharaja appealed to the Indian government for military assistance and signed the Instrument of Accession, ceding Kashmir to India; the first Indo-Pakistan war begins. This is the first of three wars to occur between India and Pakistan, none with a winner. India referred the conflict to the UN who asked Pakistan and India to remove their forces, although neither did. It finally ended in 1949 when a ceasefire agreement

  • Conflict Of Kashmir: The Conflict And Conflict In Kashmir

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    militarized places” (Lazaro 2012). This decades old conflict runs much deeper than a land dispute between two countries. In recent time, it has become a struggle over resources and in the middle of this conflict are the people who call this region home. Many wars have been fought over resources; however, those who fight are in many cases doing so because