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  • Native American Musical Instruments And Music

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    American Musical Instruments are about natives getting together and playing there instruments. They play them on holidays and birthdays, also they play whenever they want entertainment. It’s a tradition for them. Their instruments are not metal like ours, so it doesn 't sound like ours either. Their instruments have a whole different tune and sound. Native Americans love to play their instruments. Its one of their favorite things to do. I am writing about Native American musical instruments because music

  • How Learning Can Play An Instrument

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    areas central to this study: how learning to play an instrument transfers to cognitive development in other subjects, the progression for learning to play a musical instrument, and methods that have been successful in assessing student’s mastery in learning to play an instrument. At the conclusion of this chapter will be brief overview of the methodology that will be used by the researcher in their research. How learning to play an instrument transfers to cognitive development in other subjects.

  • Essay on The Music That Comes from Instruments

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    Music would not be music if it were not for the sound produced by an object we know of as an instrument. “A musical instrument is a device created or adapted to make musical sounds (Oxford dictionary (British & World English)).” Music dates back to many years and even before electrical instruments humans alway found a way to create sound. Whether it was by clapping, singing or humming people alway created ways to create sound. Although not a proven fact, I strongly believe music is a way to connect

  • Analyzing an Advertisement for a Texas Instruments Calculator

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    Analyzing an Advertisement for a Texas Instruments Calculator Get your own. These words literally speak for themselves when it comes to the Texas Instruments calculator: TI-83+ silver edition. “Get your own” is the title that appears at the top of the advertisement for the TI-83+ silver edition. The title is reemphasized by a group of teenagers pictured below the title. The teens pictured in the photo are all playfully trying to get their hands on the coveted TI-83+ silver edition-graphing calculator

  • The Cornetto Is Wind Instrument Made Out Of Wood

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    The cornetto is wind instrument made out of wood that has been used throughout Europe for centuries, from the 1400s to the 1600s. It’s also called the cornett, which is not to be confused with brass instrument called the cornet, an instrument similar to the trumpet. The cornetto is a hybrid instrument: it is a combination between a woodwind and a brass instrument. It’s made out of a long and slender tube, curved to one side, that had open finger holes. The way the cornett produced sound was by blowing

  • Negotiable Instruments Make The Economy Go Around

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    Negotiable instruments make the economy go around. That is why the law on negotiable instruments is important and why the work of the Uniform Law Commissioners has been lasting and uniformly adopted on this subject. A negotiable instru¬ment is either a “draft,” of which the most common sub¬category is the “check,” or a “note.” A “draft” is merely an order from one person to another to pay money to a third person. A check is a species of a draft. A person writes checks on a bank account which

  • Training on a Musical Instrument Promotes Cognitive Development

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    Every person on Earth has their own way of coping with the difficulties associated with life. As people combat daily life, many find music to be beneficial to their health. Studies have shown that music “can provide solace, release, strong sensations, and more” (Dean). There are certain people who are more affected by such stimulation and are more susceptible to the effects of music. These affects not only occur physically, but mentally as well. It was also discovered that “those who had extra-curricular

  • Modern Instruments And Reading Off Their Own Sheet Music

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    In the current time period, musicians have adapted to using modern instruments and reading off their own sheet music. It is straightforward to make a copy of a part for someone, or simple to order a piece offline. Back in the early 15th century, the Squarcialupi Codex was one of the many books that notated early music, a beautiful and vibrant book filled with music and gorgeous ornamental pictures. The sheer size of the codex made it possible for multiple musicians to read off of one single part

  • The Relationship Between Playing Musical Instruments And Performance In Mathematics

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    relationship between playing musical instruments and performance in math. Performing well in math is a significant requirement in passing an examination. For this reason, extensive research has been conducted on some of how students can improve their performance in math. According to Cindy Zhan, playing music instruments engages the right hemisphere of the brain. On the other hand, tackling math problems involves the left hemisphere of the brain. Playing musical instruments thus creates a correlation between

  • Antonio Stradivari 's Influence On Future Generations Of Musicians And Instrument Makers

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    often referred to as the greatest violin and stringed instrument maker to ever live. Much of this credit is given to Stradivari because people simply know his name. Countless violinists have expressed over the years the great frequency that people always ask them if they own a Stradivari instrument or not. The reality is, although Antonio Stradivari was certainly a master at his work, he was not the only one to create stringed instruments and certainly was not the first to do so. People remember