Intelligence collection management

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  • Rc-12 Guardrail Essay

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    The need for accurate and timely intelligence is essential to intelligence collection. The military continues research to improve near real-time intelligence platform. The end state is to minimize the amount of time between collection and analysis. After the Vietnam War, the National Security Agency found the need for a mobile communications intelligence (COMINT) platform . A platform that could communicate with ground stations. RC-12 Guardrail (GR) would forever change how the military collected

  • The Importance Of Data On Data

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    The probability of a conflict in our lifetime is high if you judge historical trends. We as an intelligence enterprise exercise a fairly new technique of no “cold starts”. We do not in the best of our ability enter a situation without historical, fused, and correlated information on the adversary. This information is introduced through technological based systems to allow for the intelligence analyst time to analyze and exploit. The U.S. Government one of the top users of big data spends

  • America's First Spy Ring

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    The beginning of our present day Counter Intelligence (CI) began after WWII with the combined efforts of the U.S. X-2 branch of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Special Intelligence Services (SIS). These offices gave way to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) responsible for countering activities of foreign intelligence services in the U.S. and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) responsible for coordinating U.S. counterintelligence activities

  • Weaknesses Of The Intelligence Cycle

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    Thus, intelligence cycle process as an integral part of the Intelligence System has intrinsic weaknesses within the “process” itself due to the interplay of different pathologies within the system. It may emanate in every phase of the process from Planning and Direction, Collection, Processing, Analysis and Production, and Dissemination. Julian Richards in his book “The art and science of intelligence analysis” discussed the problems associated with intelligence cycle. The sources of failures in

  • Describe two different forms or methods of Intelligence Collection.

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    The concept of Open Source intelligence (OSINT) has been placed in too high regard within the intelligence community and to the detriment of the value of other forms of collection, such as Signals Intelligence (SIGINT). While useful in the Analysis function of the intelligence cycle, OSINT, as it has become known, is not and should never be the only form of intelligence collected. In order to be of use in achieving a comparative advantage for decision makers, OSINT must be combined with covert sources

  • Analysis Of Multidisciplinary Counter Intelligence Essay

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    becoming more and more dependant upon technological developments to gather intelligence. The “secret agents” of yesterday are very close to being obsolete. With technology becoming the prime source of intelligence gathering, there is an assumption that other countries are gathering intelligence in similar ways. The only way to combat intelligence gathering against the United States is to know what technological intelligence collection resources are being used for gathering information. This is the job of

  • The Army As A Staff Sergeant

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    Counterintelligence Investigation and Intelligence reporting structure, advised Coalition Partners on Identity Intelligence Operations, as well as providing Counterintelligence Force Protection updates. In addition, I established the Tactical Counterintelligence Operations Portal, which allows all Counterintelligence Agents the ability to share Force Protection information across Iraq, regardless of task organization. While many of these tasks are considered management or oversight in nature, I still found

  • Intelligence Collection

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    Methods of Intelligence Collection and Analysis Intelligence is one of the first lines of defense used by the United States to protect the Country against both foreign and domestic threats (Johnson, 2010). There are many ways and methods of intelligence collections employed by the intelligence community such as “spies, eavesdropping, technical sources, and openly available materials” etc (Clark, 2013). Method used also depends on many factors such as available resources, time, agency involved, and

  • Process Essay: The Intelligence Cycle

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    The intelligence cycle consist of five different steps. They are Planning, Collection, Processing, Analysis, and Dissemination [1]. Each one of these steps are critical and are always in motion because they working in conjunction with each other. The planning step is where decisions are made concerning several important factors to include, what to collect on, what are the current issues, and how to utilize limited intelligence resources. The collection step is where assets are put in place to gather

  • We Must Put More Human, Material And Electronic Resources Into Intelligence The More Problem Of Terrorism

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    Discuss the proposition “If we could put more human, material and electronic resources into intelligence the more problem of terrorism would disappear." Enhancing Intelligence Management, Developing Community Resilience FAHD PAHDEPIE Terrorism is an evolving and multifaceted phenomenon (Lentini, 2003). Although there is no single definition that is received full approval from academic and governmental circle, most scholars and practitioners believe that the key idea of terrorism is a politically