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  • The Rise of Irish Nationalism in the Nineteenth Century Essay

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    the significance of the political developments within revolutionary and constitutional Irish nationalism from the period 1798 to 1867 Word count 1592 The nineteenth century was a revolutionary and constitutional period in Irelands history, that somewhat shaped the Ireland that we live in today. This essay will explore the political developments, within revolutionary and constitutional Irish nationalism in the period 1798 to 1867. The late eighteenth century marked the beginning of what

  • The Great Famine Of Irish Nationalism

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    French political leader Charles de Gaulle said that “nationalism is when hate for people other than your own comes first,” by this definition turning points in Irish Nationalism can be seen not as what changed as in regards love for Ireland, but what changed hatred for the English withinin Ireland. There are numerous significant turning points in Irish Nationalism; it could be argued that The Great Famine is the largest turning point in Irish Nationalism as it encouraged independence through means of violence

  • The Nature of the Irish Nationalism was Changed by the Act of Union in 1800

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    The Act of Union in 1800 was a significant factor to the nature of Irish nationalism in 1800. Prior to the Act, the society of the united Irishmen, a republican society who wanted parliamentary reform and Catholic Emancipation, fought, under the leadership of Robert Emmet, with physical force for their complete independence. Because of their military strand they differed from their predecessors the ‘Protestant Patriots’, this is because the society was heavily influenced by revolutionary events in

  • How Did W B Yeats Contribution To Irish Nationalism

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    The aim of this thesis is to concentrate on those poems of W.B. Yeats which deal with Irish Nationalism. His poems intimately connect history and literature. The MLA 7th edition format has been used in writing this thesis. Nationalism is a doctrine invented in Europe in the beginning of the nineteenth century. It pretends to supply the criterion for the determination of the unit of population proper to enjoy a government exclusively of its own, for the legitimate exercise of power in the state for

  • Home Rule As A Force Of Unity And Division Of Irish Political Life During The Period 1886

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    Discuss Home Rule as a force of unity and division in Irish political life during the period 1886 to 1921. The home rule question played a prominent part in Irish history for over 40 years. Home Rule, the ideology that a country under a colony would rule itself from home, caused bitter political and social divisions throughout Ireland. Whilst the division between nationalists and unionist became rife, Home Rule unified many that were willing to fight for Ireland’s cause. In Ulster there was a sectarian

  • Irish Nationalists and Ulster Unionists

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    Irish Nationalists and Ulster Unionists The question of the division of Ireland between the predominantly Protestant North and the Catholic South is a long-standing, deep seated and highly complex issue which still continues to be controversial to this day. There have been many attempts to resolve the problems in order to restore peace to this small island, however none have been found. The Irish Nationalists and the Ulster Unionists both had powerful reasons for fighting

  • The Effectiveness of Irish Catholic and Nationalist Leaders in Advancing Their Cause in the Years 1801 and On

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    The Effectiveness of Irish Catholic and Nationalist Leaders in Advancing Their Cause in the Years 1801 and On The Act Of Union in 1800 meant there was no longer any Irish institution capable of advancing either an Irish nationalist or catholic cause. As a result the advancement of those causes depended on influencing the British Government directly. The catholic cause initially focused on securing emancipation for the catholic population and aimed to improve the lives

  • The Change of the Irish Question between 1800 and 1922 Essay

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    The Change of the Irish Question between 1800 and 1922 The Irish Question changed dramatically between the years 1800 and 1922. The Anglican Ascendancy meant that Ireland was governed indirectly from England. The Ascendancy angered the Catholics, limited their rights and made them pay taxes to the Protestant church. This led to dissatisfaction amongst Catholics culminating in the 1798 Rebellion. This caused the British Government to become more involved with Ireland

  • Case Study Of Social Justice In Northern Ireland

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    Case study of an attempt to achieve social justice; The Civil Rights Movement in the North of Ireland Northern Ireland during the 1960’s was a place that was considered unsafe and unfair for any citizen that was Catholic. Discrimination was in every aspect of life was rife. There was no fair treatment anywhere. The Civil Rights Movement that took place was largely inspired by the American Civil Rights Movement lead by Martin Luther King Jr took place in the 1960’s also. Many tactics and strategies

  • Essay on Community Profile

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    Introduction The locality I have based my community profile on is Ardoyne. I feel that Ardoyne is familiar enough for me to carry out my research as I have lived here all my life. Although my project is based in Belfast city centre, we work with many groups and young people from the Ardoyne area. this would prove beneficial to myself as I would sometimes have already developed a relationship with the young people through community life. I will firstly explore the community I have chosen by