Islamic banking

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  • Islamic Law And Islamic Banking

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    years ago, the Islamic banking industry was created, on a modest scale, to fill a gap in a banking system that was not listening to the fervent Muslim believers. Morocco has been following the same development in offering Islamic finance services to its citizens through Islamic windows in conventional banks. In parallel to this development of the Islamic financial industry in Morocco, it seems very crucial to evaluate critically based on Maliki law school the previous experience of Islamic windows in

  • Islamic Banking And Conventional Banking

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    the study 6. Key estimated learning from the study Part two 7. What is Islamic Banking 8. What are the transaction process of Islamic banking 9. The key sources of law and values of Islamic Banking 10. The differences between Islamic Banking and conventional Banking Part three 11. A comparative analysis 12. Conclusion Basic differencess: Results indicate that conventional banks perform better in profitability, while Islamic banks perform better in liquidity and credit risk. In t-test of the return

  • The Establishment Of Islamic Banking

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    the establishment of Islamic banking in Bangladesh. Later In November 1982, a entrustment of IDB triped Bangladesh and proclaimed enthusiastic interest to contribute or the establishing a Islamic bank through joint venture especially in the private domain. Two proficient bodies such as the Islamic Economics Research Bureau (IERB) and the Bangladesh Islamic Bankers ' Association (BIBA) ended noteworthy groundwork on the way to initiate a Islamic banking in Bangladesh. They gave several training and

  • Case Studies On Islamic Banking

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    A case study on Islamic banking at SINDH Pakistan This study about knowledge attitude and practices on Islamic banking To receive the idea about knowledge attitude and practices of Islamic conventional bank and their bank account holder. Research was conducted among the 200 questionnaires were distributed among account holders in SINDH. This research point out the relationship between the knowledge and practices of Islamic bank. And research also shows that netural behavior dosnot effect the knowledge

  • Islamic Banking Advantages And Disadvantages

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    According to Mansoor Khan, Islamic banking and finance (IBF) is an economic ideology that depends on Shariah rules which are extracted from the Islamic holy book - Quran- and Al Sunnah - what the prophet Mohammed stated or did.This ideology is mainly about expunging interest and other exploitive elements from the financial sphere. Islamic finance is an equity-based system depends mainly on Profit and Loss Sharing (PLS) modes. the instruments for doing so are Mudarabah (Joint venture) and Musharakah

  • Advantage And Disadvantage Of Islamic Banking

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    seen that the Islamic banking industry can be used as a medium to communicate and spread propaganda. Through this medium, it will demonstrate the power and advantages of Islamic banking system compared to conventional systems. This can also be seen in the Islamic banking system is not only widely accepted by the Muslim community even non-Muslim communities are also using this system.   INTRODUCTION Islamic banking is a controlled institution based on the principles of sharia Islamic rules on transactions

  • Literature Review On Islamic Banking

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    perceptions number of Islamic banking services. Study from Erol and El-Adour (1989) and Erol et al. (1990) is regarded as the earliest investigate the factors that influence the customer to choose Islamic banking. Using both conventional and Muslim banking customers as respondents, the study found that the provision of services quickly and efficiently, the bank's reputation and confidentiality are the most important selection criteria for bank customers who visit the Islamic banks. In their study

  • Modern Economics And Islamic Banking

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    In context of modern economics, Islamic banking is a completely new concept for most of people in this domain. The Islamic bank established in 1963 in the city of Mit Ghamr, Egypt is believed to be the first of its kind, even though it was not publicly characterized to be so due to political persecution. The Egyptian government at that time used to be hostile to any activities that are believed to adopt any Islamic approach and duped them to be unwanted fanaticism. The bank’s first administration

  • Consumer Behaviour Towards the Islamic Banking – “Customer Satisfaction with Islamic Marketing Ethics and Islamic Banking Industry

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    aspects as one of it is the economical factor. As far as we know, businesses are the main sectors of a nation where it decides the economical status of a nation. Apart from that, banking operations are also one of the factors which contribute to the economical growth of a country. The main core business of the banking corporation is being a financial institution and a financial intermediary that accepts deposits and channels those deposits into lending activities, either directly or through capital

  • 3.0 Islamic Banking Now that, Islamic law has been defined and explained in detail, Islamic Banking

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    3.0 Islamic Banking Now that, Islamic law has been defined and explained in detail, Islamic Banking can be observed further. There are four rules that govern investment behaviour in Islamic banking (Suleiman 2001): 1. Interest (Riba) 2. Deception/Uncertainty (Garar) and Change/Speculation (Maiser) 3. Trade (Haram) 4. Support Islamic tax system (Zakat) Alongside these four rules, unethical behaviour needs also needs to be considered. Followed, on I will discuss each of these four/five compliances