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  • Buffy Sainte-Marie : A Critique Of Music

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    Soldier.” Carrying a somber yet avant-garde timber carried by a charismatic rhythm, Buffy wrote this song with the intent of creating a dialogue surrounding the absurdity of war and to deepen the responsibility of conflicts which we too often hide from, “It’s about individual responsibility for war and how the old feudal thinking kills us all” - Buffy St Marie. During the 1960’s “Universal Soldier” became an anthem for the activist movement against the Vietnam war. As the title suggests, the song declines

  • The Importance Of Intercultural Relationship

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    Intercultural Essay This intercultural relationship took place this year. it was with one of my co workers. We have a friendship relationship and clicked pretty well together and rather fast. When we work together we are very happy to see each other, as this is the only time we really see each other. Outside of work, we are both busy. This friendship is great, and is very balanced. We don’t always agree with each other and talk it out, but we also agree and feels good. With Kate our intercultural

  • The Speech On Young Mistakes

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    adolescents we search for ways to have fun parties, drugs, and sex. In the process we make choices without thinking them through, which we will sooner or later regret. While the mistakes I’ve made weren’t as bad as other’s. There is one that I will regret the most. Smoking marijuana and my mom finding out about it. I regret it the most seeing that it pained her most, seeing her beloved son intoxicated. Woke up, got out of bed enthusiastically knowing it was Friday, and wanting my weekend to start as

  • Essay On Man In The Mirror

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    crystal stair.” These words truly sum up the essence of my life, but I won’t complain, I dare not desire someone else’s life either, for all my experiences have made me the essence of who I am, and who I am becoming. In his poem, he writes about a mother whom I will say, “felt a kind a way” as she spoke. Today I “feel a kind a way too, but soon I’m going to look back on where I am and have been and say I remember when I felt that kind of way, and it’s going to be a thing of the past. Today I look at The

  • Personal Statement Questions

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    to make your school or your community a better place ? What I have done to make my school a better place is a difficult question to answer, for i’m not really sure what I have done to make it a better place. Somethings I believe I have done for my school to make it a better place is always being respectful to my school grounds, never doing anything that I would regret doing. I try to help out fellow students that need my help if possible. I like to encourage students younger than me to succeed because

  • My Human Experience

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    some sense, because this concept/idea/human experience is one that i’ve been itching to share/process for a while. it’s hard for me not to notice the differences between the types of posts/thoughts/experiences that i shared on here a year ago, versus the types of things i share now. last year was sort of magical, and maybe even enchanting in that learning-how-to-live again kind of way. every experience was a new experience, a discovery; every “rule” I broke, was a lesson learned in living; the more

  • Culture And Japanese Culture

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    best, or it’s just the different cultures of a family. Sometimes there are people born into two or more cultures, and they have to come to the conclusion that they can be any amount of any culture they want. Just because you’re born in America but come from a long line of Mexicans doesn’t mean you can’t be both. Ok yes, sometimes it’s hard to fit in with both cultures because both cultures see you as the other, but it’s not their choice to define who you are and what you believe in. It’s your job

  • America My Responsibility

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    My responsibility to America is not to be a wealthy businessman. My responsibility is not to be a star athlete. It’s not to be a Chess grand master, or an amazing actor, or a best-selling author. It’s not to become a professor at a prestigious college, or the person who hires those professors. It’s not to become a director with a name as recognizable as Michael Bay, or a celebrity as well-known as the Kardashians. My responsibility to America is not to become a superhero, or uncover a drug-trafficking

  • Informative Essay About Wrestling

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    Wrestling Something that is special to me is wrestling, wrestling is my favorite sport because I really enjoy; I like the work and effort you have to put in and how it's all on you to decide how you do. I have been wrestling since 8th grade, and it has become my favorite sport sense. I will tell you why it is special to me and how it has become my favorite sport and everything you need to know about wrestling as a sport. Wrestling during a match. You don’t need much gear to wrestle, all you need

  • Spanish In The Classroom

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    The language that is spoken around the house, outside with friends and at work or school is very different, it’s three languages basically. Spanish dominates at home as to where at work or school English is the dominant language. Outside with friends It’s both, it can be Spanish when family is around like cousin’s or it can be English because individually both are spoken. The thing with being outside of home is that the Spanish that is spoken is not necessarily proper Spanish or proper English but