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  • The Titanic : The Conspiracy Of The Titanic

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    people in the White Star Line company also happened to cancel their trips right before the Titanic was suppose to make its maiden voyage. J.P. Morgan cancelled his trip because he said he was ill, but he was spotted in France two days later. Then, J. Bruce Ismay cancelled his trip because his wife was ill, but they were spotted in wales on a vacation. This shows that if they both cancelled their trip, then both of them had to have known that something was going to happen. Before the Titanic was built

  • A Summary Of Titanic And The Titanic

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    In the piece Going down with the ship; 100 years after the Titanic 100 another disaster begs the question? Have the courtiers of the sea vanished? By H.D.S Greenway, two shipwrecks are talked about, the Titanic and the cost of the Concordia. The Titanic was a luxury cruise ship in 1912. The ship hit an iceberg on its first voyage, sinking and killing about 1500 passengers. The cost of Concordia sailed in 2012, 100 years later. This Ship capsized of the cost of Italy. The capsized ship caused about

  • Who To Blame Titanic Research Paper

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    You’ve heard of the Titanic’s sinking, right? Well, do you know who is exactly is responsible though? The captain of the R.M.S. Titanic is to blame, which was Captain Edward J. Smith and he was a popular leader. He had a total of 38 years of working with the White Star Line, the company that owned the Titanic. Captain Smith should have had full control of the ship and obviously, that night, he did not. Therefore, Captain Smith is the the person to blame for the sinking of the R.M.S. Titanic because

  • Elements Of Literature : Annotated Bibliography Of The Titanic

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    Annotated Bibliography Thesis: The Titanic sank because the route was not changed in time of the hit, the cold water mirage, and man’s error. Baldwin, Hanson W. "R.M.S. Titanic." Elements of Literature. Virginia ed. Vol. Fourth Course. N.p.: Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, 2005. 328-46. Print. The Short Story : “R.M.S. Titanic” In this short story about the Titanic, several warnings of icebergs were sent out to the ship, but the captain disregarded them. The passengers of the ship continued to go

  • J. S. Seaverns: The Weakening Of The Titanic

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    In 1884 the J. S. Seaverns freighter sank and after 132 years it was found. The freighter sank in Canada near Michipicoten Harbor, Ontario. This summer a five-man team located it. It was discovered along with piles of unbroken dishes which is strange how nothing was broken after 132 years of being underwater after sunken. There were also other various amounts of other century-old items. The Dutch Tribune News reported the found items last week. Dan Fountain was the guy that helped find those items

  • Bruce Ismay Essay

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    fault. The Titanic sank on April 14th, 1912. J. Bruce Ismay was the English businessman who served as a Managing Director of the White Star Line of steamship. He traveled and survived the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic. Some remember Bruce as a coward that should have went down with the ship like the other heroes did and others see him merely as a scapegoat who had some rather influential enemies. Bruce got rescued in Collapsible Lifeboat C. J. Bruce Ismay is mostly at fault for the 1,500 lives lost

  • The Assassination Of George Widener Essay

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    Widener and his family boarded and occupied cabins C-80/82 (1st class). In the afternoon on April 14th, Widener and his wife were standing on the promenade deck talking to J. Bruce Ismay when Captain Smith passed them on his way aft. Without comment he handed Ismay one of the ice warnings from the White Star liner Baltic, Ismay simply put the message in his pocket and headed below. Later that day Captain Smith joined a dinner party given in his honour by the Wideners in the ship's à la carte restaurant

  • The Titanic : The Causes And Impacts Of The Titanic

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    Titanic was built, there was an intense competition between the shipbuilders White Star Line and Cunard. J. Bruce Ismay, the chief executive of White Star Line, talked about the construction of three ships when Cunard presented two “standout” ships. The two ships that Cunard came out with were called Mauretania and Lusitania. These ships were among the most luxurious and sophisticated. J. Bruce Ismay of the White Star Line said that the three new ships were to be part of a new “Olympic” class of ships

  • The World War

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    The company’s ships only sailed from Britain to Australia. In 1868 that the company was bought by Thomas Ismay whose first ship designed was the Oceanic. For many of his ships, Ismay had Harland and Wolff as builders and including builders of all three of the sister ships that had not survived. Thomas Ismay died on November 1899, and left his company in the hands of his son, J. Bruce Ismay, who played a very important role in the design of the Titanic after walking through the Olympic and noting

  • The Titanic And The Titanic

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    the rivalry and had already monopolized U.S railroads, and wanted to to take control over the North Atlantic Shipping Lines.  Morgan’s first move in 1898 was when he bought the more ran down Inman Line.    The owner of the White Star Line, Thomas Ismay, foresaw a big rate war on the North Atlantic and resisted Morgan until his death in 1899.  After Ismay’s death Morgan jumped at the opportunity to get more control by purchasing a controlling interest from the German lines, Hamburg-Amerika and Norddeutscher-Lloyd