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  • Police Brutality? Essay

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    of judo is another common method employed by police. It has been taught and used by law enforcement officers to subdue violent suspects for several years. Recently, however, there have been reports of deaths allegedly caused by the use of choke holds, leading to law suits against its use. When properly applied, the choke hold causes unconsciousness in 8-10 seconds and once released most suspects regain consciousness within 20 seconds with no lasting effect. According to the International Judo Federation

  • Principles Of Judo

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    I love martial arts, I practice Judo and kickboxing. Judo has taught me a number of techniques and principles from which I have drawn vital lessons for my personal growth and career. I will talk through 5 of such principles and how they continue to shape my personal and career development. The first principle in Judo is the break fall principle; learning how to fall and how to fall safely. In Judo, one wins by throwing her opponent on the ground and as such one must know how to handle the fall in

  • Stand And Hit Or Ground

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    are more standup/striking oriented like Kung Fu, Karate, Taekwondo, and Boxing/Kick-Boxing. These rely mainly upon punches, kicks, elbow/knee and other strikes, along with some standing grabs, pins, and even throws. Others like Brazilian Jijitsu and Judo focus on taking the fight to the ground and winning the fight via various grappling techniques. Of course,

  • I Found Myself at Wrestling Camp Essay

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    Most girls don’t pay money to roll around on the ground with sweaty guys. Yet that is exactly what I did this last July. No, it’s not what you’re thinking; I went to wrestling camp. Wrestling is a sport that I’ve always wanted to try, but my shyness and insecurity held me back. This year I decided that I will no longer allow other people’s opinions affect my own decisions. Joining wrestling is the first major step I’m taking to change my life. “You want to do…wrestling? As in…wrestle?” This is

  • A Literature Review : Gracie Jiu Jitsu

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    FRAUDULENT JIU JITSU A Literature Review   Introduction Gracie Jiu Jitsu is a system of martial arts which has been tried and tested against other martial arts and street attacks for one hundred years, and has established a reputation for being as good of a hand to hand self-defense system as there is in the world. Recently, with jiu jitsu’s popularity growing, the system has begun to fall prey to imitators and fabricators attempting to cash in on the unsuspecting public. This literature review

  • Verbal Judo

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    Verbal Judo is a 138 page book, written by George J. Thompson, Ph. D. and was published in March 2004. It is classified as a nonfiction, personal growth, self help and communication genre. Verbal Judo is based on the art of words and how to utilize them in various situations, in everyday life. The following three chapters left an impression on me; chapter two: The Language of Guidance, chapter four: The Language of Persuasion and chapter eight: The Language of Enforcement. They remained me

  • I Am Sweating Profusely - Original Writing

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    I was sweating profusely. Of course, it was the middle of summer in Southern California; why wouldn’t I be. In fact, in the dojo it was sweltering. That wasn’t really why I was sweating though; this was the day of my test. I remember everyone was making jokes and frivolously making small talk, but it was only to pass time. I looked on the mat and noticed how big it was, how it could hold a hundred people; then I realized how observable every mistake I made would be with only a few testers on the

  • The Meaning Of Discipline In School

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    Discipline means follow rules to be worked hard by someone in the interest of teaching something to the student. Discipline is taught in many places in many ways. I was taught discipline at a school that studied the art of taekwondo. This school helped me with my shyness and confidence problem. Without Euns Martial Arts Center I would not be the person I am today. My first year of taekwondo taught me the meaning of discipline. Joining this school was one the best decisions I ever made. I can never

  • Descriptive Essay : Karate Floor

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    who stood out the most, a short, bald man of color who I’ve heard older karate students tell stories about. Master Griggs. He was the only one who held the title of “Master”, and he is named rightfully so. He had a black sash in Tai Chi, knew how to Judo flip people, and on top of that he was a seventh degree black belt. What chance would I have against him? He can break someone 's ribs just by looking at them. I can’t even break a stick over my knee... “Reese , please stand up,” one of the Instructors

  • The Heat Of The Dojo From Outside The Door

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    I can already feel the heat of the dojo from outside the door. The heat is coming from the sweat of the class before. Today is the day that I can finally show my skills in sparring, after weeks of practice. Today is the day of the karate tournament. As I enter the dojo, my mom yells from inside the car, “ Love you sweetie. I’ll pick you up at 6:00.” My face turns red with embarrassment as the little white belts are laughing at me but I can’t let that get me down. I can’t show the embarrassment because