Kennedy Center Honors

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  • Critical Analysis Of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

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    Tennessee WIlliams is a very well known playwright and his work shows for it, awarded with the Pulitzer Prize for Drama multiple times, The Kennedy Center Honors award, and many others he has claimed. Williams extensive background involving personal drama directly correlates why his plays are able to reach audiences deeper emotions. A wide variety of elements are evident in his play Cat on A Hot Tin Roof that must be understood before a proper critique can be documented. For contextual reasons, Brick

  • Comparing Death of a Salesman and The American Dream Essay

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    Comparing Death of a Salesman and The American Dream     In Arthur Miller’s Death of A Salesman and Edward Albee’s The American Dream, Willy Lowman and Mommy possess the trait of superficiality. Their priorities are to look good and be liked, and this contributes to their misguided paths to reach success. This attribute is one of many societal criticisms pointed out by both authors. Arthur Miller criticizes society for perceiving success as being liked and having good looks. He illustrates

  • Theme Of Identity In A View From The Bridge

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    “You’re a blank, a cipher… a zero.” (Albee, 1962, p.18). With these words, Martha the main character in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” showed her husband, George, that he was nothing. Edward Albee, the writer of “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” talked mainly about Martha and George who pretend to have different identities just in order not to face reality. Moreover, Arthur Miller, the author of “A View from the Bridge” presented the idea of identity in a different way. Miller used the character

  • History Of The American Space Program

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    programs is interesting and extremely important. It is a story that spans many years and giant leaps in technology, and involves important locations like Wallops Flight Facility and Kennedy Space Center. From the early beginnings of NACA and Wallops, and continuing on to the rise and success of NASA and Kennedy Space Center, aeronautics

  • Challenger Space Shuttle Research Paper

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    Hampshire who was awarded the honor of going on the the spacecraft’s 10th mission to teach lessons in space for students around the world. ( It was determined later on that the two rubber O-rings, that were designed to separate the rocket booster sections, had failed because of the temperature the morning of the launch, causing the disaster. ( Even though the Challenger Shuttle tragedy is very sad, it has improved the technology of the NASA Space Center and minimized the number

  • Group Think Essay

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    at hand. 7. Failure to work out contingency plans. One of the worst Groupthink decisions ever was the decision to launch the Space shuttle Challenger. "On the morning of January 28, 1986, the space shuttle Challenger blasted off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida Seventy-three seconds after the countdown clock reached zero the Challenger exploded. Immediately after the explosion President Reagan appointed a commission to find out why the Challenger exploded. "In a five-volume published

  • The Challenger Disaster - Responsibility of Morton Thiokol Inc.

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    The Challenger disaster was not only a disaster in terms of the destruction of the spacecraft and the death of its crew but also in terms of the decision-making process that led to the launch and in terms of the subsequent investigation into the "causes" of the disaster. The decision to recommend for launch was made by lower-level management officials over the objections of technical experts who opposed the launch under the environmental conditions that existed on the launch pad at the

  • The, 12 Angry Men, And Nasa 's Challenger Disaster

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    “Speak your mind even if your voice shakes”, a quote made famous by Maggie Kuhn, is the foundation of how I conduct my life. While the fundamentals of being an open-minded, educated, and well-rounded individual involve considering the opinions of others and evaluating both sides of the argument, too often people become complacent and lose the ability to think for themselves. The common term that refers to this type of herd mentality is “sheeple”. The play, 12 Angry Men, and NASA’s Challenger disaster

  • Apollo John F. Kennedy Space Center

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    Apollo 13 Where Apollo 13 took place and launched, was at the complex 39A at the Kennedy Space Center. It happened at 2:13 p.m. EST, April 11, 1970. What had caused it to orbit the moon and come back, was a ciple in the oxygen tank. One thing that happened was on the Apollo 13 spacecraft, a oxygen tank was crippled and they had to orbit the moon and return home. The main event was that for the third time, they successfully lifted off once more, just to run into a problem with the oxygen tank

  • Research Paper On Sally Ride

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    Sally Ride: A Name to Remember When growing up, a lot of kids say they want to be an astronaut when they are older. This was not the case for Sally Ride. She claimed that she did not want to be an astronaut and knew that there were little to no women in that profession. Then one day, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) sent out flyers looking for women to become apart of the program and that changed Sally Ride’s life forever. NASA mainly recruited white males who were in