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  • A Presentation Of Korean Culture Through Cooking

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    Cheryl Prickett: A Presentation of Korean Culture through Cooking The study of an individual as a source of material culture involves the analysis of not only the individual themselves, but also the practices they undergo to continue the traditions that define them. A culture that is not represented through some form of expression, adapting over time to accommodate for the everchanging needs of global society, will fade away. Those that practice heritage traditions passed down through generations

  • Speech On Rice Gluten

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    Are Rice Noodles Gluten Free? Rice noodles are staple to East and Southeast Asian cuisines. They are available fresh, dried, or frozen, and in different shapes and thickness. Rice noodles are made from water and rice flour. However, some manufacturers add other ingredients like corn starch or tapioca to improve its transparency and texture, making it more chewy and gelatinous. Some people who are concerned about their health may wonder, “Are rice noodles gluten free?” Here is some information that

  • Effects Of Mung Bean Starch On Rice Noodles ' Quality

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    “Effects of Mung Bean Starch on Rice Noodles’ Quality” In “Effect of mung bean starch on quality of rice noodles made by direct dry flour extrusion” Wu, Meng, Yang et al. (2015) focus on developing a better understanding of the influences of mung bean starch (MS) on the physiochemical properties of rice flour (RF) and quality of rice noodles produced by the direct dry flour extrusion; as well as test possible corporation of rice flour (RF) and MS fractions into rice noodles to improve its quality. First

  • Last Grade Was A Tough Year For Me

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    trunk. We resolved that I would go first, since I was worse, and she would climb after me. We sat and looked out at the pond, it looked smaller from where we were. It was getting late, so we went inside for dinner. She made us Ramen noodles. I don’t like Ramen noodles, but I

  • Descriptive Essay About A Restaurant

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    table. Steam rises from the dish filling the space. A sweet fragrant aroma from the marsala floats up filling my nose. The bowl is filled to the brim with rigatoni noodles cooked to perfection. Just like I remember, covering the cylinders is a thin creamy marsala wine sauce that has a beautiful cream eggshell color. Along with the noodles are pieces of shredded white chicken breast. Thinly chopped squares of caramelized onion and sauteed baby brown button mushrooms complete the mix. All of this makes

  • Six Pills: A Short Story

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    *sighs* Age 12. I was a happy girl until I found out my dad only had less than a year to live, due to cancer. I did everything with him. He taught me how to live life and taught me things. How to ride a bike without training wheels, how to cook ramen noodles, and how to read a book. My mom always works. So I barely see her. She tells me goodnight and after that I sleep. I wake up and I don’t

  • Literary Analysis Of How Ramen Got Me Through Adolescence

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    that there was nobody else like her, nobody that had similar interests, or anybody who acted the same way as her. She describes how the only time that she every felt like she was in her “comfort zone” was when she was either reading, or eating Ramen Noodles. The genre of this story seems comes off as being a memoir. Veronica Greenwood (2014, August 1) says “for more than three years I ate a packet nearly every day, a thousand steaming bowls” (para. #6). This her describing how her life was previously

  • The At The End Of The Day And I Walked At My Car

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    The bell rang at the end of the day and I walked to my car. The sight in front of me was horrific. Penises, penises everywhere, in every color of paint possible. I threw my bag onto the ground and ran to my poor baby. I grabbed tissues from my pocket and tried to rub off some of the paint, but it wouldn 't come off. "Hey, rich bitch," my head snapped around and I saw the dreaded Brat Hartford, three times before this I have bumped into him, once this morning when I took "his spot", another

  • My Speech - Original Writing

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    I asked. Starting to still play OverWatch. “Hey whaz up?” Andrew said to me. ‘I guess he doesn’t realize it is video chat I can see him eating. I watch him as he ate his Ramen noodles. “Aye! What you be eaten?” I asked. Andrew almost Spat out his food. I watched at i laughed at him as he almost choked on his ramen noodles. “Oh...My...Gott…” Andrew said out of breath. “You can’t do that to me Sato.” I laugh at Andrew as I started to kill Reinhardt. I seen that Andrew had finished his Ramen. “What

  • Reflection Paper On Poverty Walk

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    I could eat that would remain within the spectrum of $3.25. I concluded that Ramen noodles, applesauce, and black beans would build up the majority of what I will be eating this week. If money is available, I will include a tiny serving of meat to my meal. I am fortunate enough to live in close proximity to my classes and was able to skip the bus fare by walking. For lunch, I ate a generous serving of Ramen noodles that I have bought for $0.29 per one pack. Due to the lack of additional nutrients