Ladder 49

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  • The Rope Ladder: A Shifting Symbol in Kobo Abe's The Woman in the Dunes

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    protagonist, to climb down a steep sand slope with a rope ladder. The rope ladder, though a seemingly simple tool, continues to make an appearance physically, in plans, and in desire. The rope ladder in Abe’s The Woman in the Dunes is a changing symbol used to intensify Niki’s understanding of his imprisonment, his feelings of hope, and his freedom. Upon arriving in the desert in hopes of finding interesting insects, Niki willingly descends the ladder during the night at the invitation of the village

  • Dialogue Essay - Original Writing

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    halfway into the woods you recognized the rope ladder hanging down from one of the trees, hidden a little behind the other so it was barely noticeable. You remembered how you and Calvin had set it up like that so that no one would really be able to see it, unless they were looking for it, so then it would actually be just for you two. You found yourself smiling a little at the memory as you walked over to the bottom of the treehouse. You grabbed onto the ladder and started climbing up it until you reached

  • Isaiah Carpenter: Reflecting On My First Job

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    I first started climbing up the ladder. As I started drilling I felt even more unbalanced. So much so that I even dropped a screw due to me not being able to put my full pressure on the screw. Soon I felt something was off.I looked down in horror. My ladder was swaying as if in slow motion. I knew then and there that my ladder was about to fall, and me with it if I didn’t do anything. In panic I clamped down to the diagonal post, and not a second later the ladder

  • Ocean Trip Persuasive Essay

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    “Go!Go!Go!” Dangling on the edge of a cliff I heard the echo of Sir Rolyat’s voice. The crew had left a clear path from the edge of the mountain all the way to the safe area. I reached up and swung my legs round the branch then Eille reached up and grabbed my arms. It was a really hot day in Hawaii and the sun was setting slightly to the west- the view was perfect. After a few seconds of composing ourselves I said: “C’mon, daylight ends in a few hours” “Should we split?” “No.We started as a team

  • The Tower Of The Ruins Of Jericho

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    Stairs are one of the oldest structures in architectural history. They have always been an important part of a building or structure because without them you wouldn’t be able to get from the bottom to the top or vice versa. There is no actual answer of when the very first set of stairs was created. But there has been several sources say that the oldest surviving stairs are found in the ruins of Jericho. There are claims that these stairs are over 7,000 years old. This could mean that stairs were

  • The Scream Will Forever Haunt Me

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    things that were not meant to be climbed, so we left and continued our journey upwards. We finally made it to the roof. It was about ten floors up. In order to get to the roof you had to climb two different ladders. The first ladder led to an elevated platform, that had the second ladder leading to the roof. When I was on the roof, I had the best view of the city I have ever had in my life. Since the building was so high you could see the entire part of downtown Minneapolis. Eventually, Emily’s

  • Short Story

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    beautiful Saturday morning I remembered that my cousin was coming over to help decorate our barn for Halloween. She had to do it for a service project with a friend; also she had to work for five hours. I was excited at first but then I remembered the ladders. “ Here are all the decorations that I want up,” Mom said, “and you have to put all of the garland up high so that none of the teenagers will knock them down.” “That is a lot of garland. Do we have to put them all up?” I asked, hoping that we

  • The Tower Of The Ancient City Jericho

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    Staircase, stairwell, stairway or, commonly, simplified to just stairs; defined as “construction designed to bridge a large vertical distance by dividing it into smaller vertical distances” otherwise known as steps. One of the oldest structures in architectural history, there is no definitive answer of when the first set of stairs was created. However some historians have made claim that some of the oldest surviving staircase’s are found in the ruins of the ancient city Jericho, suggesting that

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    Just as he is about to remove the first three shingles from around the damaged one, Emily calls up to him from the base of the ladder. She grabs the rung of the ladder to steady herself for a moment. A wave of nausea suddenly comes over her, but she takes a deep breath and lets the feeling pass before Tomasz sees her. “Tomasz?” she says. She repeats it again between hammer strikes to get Tomasz’ attention. “Tomasz?” she says again, but this time a little louder as she cups her right hand to the

  • Elijah Short Stories

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    “Gosh Theo and Adaline really never told you?” he said surprised “You knew my parents?” Elijah said stunned “I was Theo’s partner! Introduced your parents!” The captain said. They rowed on in silence for a few more minutes before reaching a rope ladder handing off the side of the