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  • Essay On Landsat-4. 1

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    1 Data Description Remote Sensing and ancillary data on the study area will be collected from different governmental agencies and organizations. A Landsat 8 image (spatial resolution of 30 m) of the study area will be acquired on January to March. The Landsat-8 (official name: LDCM - Landsat Data Continuity Mission) is the last of the historic Landsat series designed by NASA, one of the first missions of Earth observation and by far the most long-lived with decades of experience from the first satellite

  • Description Of A Study Area

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    CHAPTER THREE 3. MATERIALS AND METHODS 3.1. Description of the study area 3.1.1. Location Adama Zuria district (Adama and surrounding district) is one of the districts in East shewa zone of the Oromia Regional State of Ethiopia. The Administrative center of the district is Adama, which is located southeast of Addis Ababa approximately about 90 km, capital city of Ethiopia having a latitude and longitude of 8° 14′ 0″−8° 43′ 0″N and 39° 6′ 0″−39° 25′ 0″ E, respectively. And lies at an altitude ranges

  • A Brief Note On Land Use Land Cover Change Detection

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    Where, FVC=fractional vegetation cover NDVI= Normalized Difference Vegetation Index The above equation (FVC) is used to get fraction an area with vegetation cover using NDVI value. NDVIs=is NDVI for soil and NDVIv= NDVI for vegetation To calculate landsat 8, land surface emissivity (LSE) first the following equation Eq. 3.4 is used to calculated proportion vegetation. Pv= (NDVI-NDVImin/NDVImax-NDVImin)^2 Eq. (3.4) Where, Pv=proportion of vegetation NDVI=Normalized

  • Study Area And Activity

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    This showed that the logging actually commenced before year 2000 and after 1995. In year 2005 the brightness diminishes showing and in Image F pixel color turns yellow indicating some level of regeneration. Standard False Color Composite (FCC) for Landsat TM 5 and 7 exposes plant chlorophyll activity in leafs captured in

  • Change Of Vegetation Stress On The Canterbury Plains

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    CHANGE OF VEGETATION STRESS ON THE CANTERBURY PLAINS DUE TO CHANGES IN FARMING PRACTICES Hamish Kingsbury, GEOG313, University of Canterbury CONTENTS 1 Introduction 2 2 Methods 3 2.1 Data 3 2.2 Processing 4 2.3 Analysis 4 2.4 Validating 5 3 Results 6 4 Conclusion 8 4.1 Limitations 8 Appendix A 10 Appendix B 11 Appendix B Cont. 12 Appendix C 13 1 INTRODUCTION The Canterbury region is the second largest dairy producer in the country (Statistics New Zealand, n.d.). Over the period of 2007 to 2012

  • 12 Angry Men: Leadership Essay

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    ways. One way was that they began sticking up for each other when one man would become aggressive towards another. The group moved away from man number 10 when he went on his rampage about young boys and how they are all criminals, prompting man number 4 to tell him to shut his mouth and not speak again. Decision Making: The 12 angry men were forced into making a consensus decision because that was the only way they could present a verdict to the judge. They used nominal group technique because their

  • 12 Angry Men Essay

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    Karina Verano Pd. 2B 12 Angry Men 1. Which characters base their decisions on prejudice? Juror number 4 based his decision based on the fact that the boy on trial grew up in the slum. Juror number 4 said, “He was born in a slum. The slum is a breeding ground for criminals. I know it and so do you. It’s no secret that children from slum backgrounds are menaces to society.” While Juror number ten just doesn’t like the boy bases on his race. Throughout the entire movie, he referred to the boy

  • Number Grid Investigation

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    at a constant (2 x 2) Width of Grid size 10) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

  • What The Stars Meant By John Koethe Analysis

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    poem without seeing the title or knowing the theme, many people may think that John Koeth is talking about and describing the moon if they would not have seen the title of the poem. They may think this until they get to line number 3 of stanza number 4 where John Koethe says, "The polestar, bid his adieus, and move on" (Koethe 15). This line would be the line that gives you the idea that John Koethe is talking about the stars and not the moon. This story is talking about the stars and what they mean

  • Sample Crime Investigation Papers

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    a footprint in the powder. Evidence 2 was a syringe. The syringe was found empty. The syringe was 4 inches long. It was found to the left side of the body. We haven’t tested the syringe to find out what was in it. Evidence number 3 was the pill closest to the body. The dimensions are .5 cm by .5 cm.The diameter was 6 mm. It was found next to Anna’s left arm and was one pill out of 2 pills. Number 4 of the evidence was the vomit. The vomit was 12 inches by 12 inches. The vomit was by Anna’s head