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  • Study Area And Activity

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    This showed that the logging actually commenced before year 2000 and after 1995. In year 2005 the brightness diminishes showing and in Image F pixel color turns yellow indicating some level of regeneration. Standard False Color Composite (FCC) for Landsat TM 5 and 7 exposes plant chlorophyll activity in leafs captured in

  • Description Of A Study Area

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    CHAPTER THREE 3. MATERIALS AND METHODS 3.1. Description of the study area 3.1.1. Location Adama Zuria district (Adama and surrounding district) is one of the districts in East shewa zone of the Oromia Regional State of Ethiopia. The Administrative center of the district is Adama, which is located southeast of Addis Ababa approximately about 90 km, capital city of Ethiopia having a latitude and longitude of 8° 14′ 0″−8° 43′ 0″N and 39° 6′ 0″−39° 25′ 0″ E, respectively. And lies at an altitude ranges

  • Change Of Vegetation Stress On The Canterbury Plains

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    CHANGE OF VEGETATION STRESS ON THE CANTERBURY PLAINS DUE TO CHANGES IN FARMING PRACTICES Hamish Kingsbury, GEOG313, University of Canterbury CONTENTS 1 Introduction 2 2 Methods 3 2.1 Data 3 2.2 Processing 4 2.3 Analysis 4 2.4 Validating 5 3 Results 6 4 Conclusion 8 4.1 Limitations 8 Appendix A 10 Appendix B 11 Appendix B Cont. 12 Appendix C 13 1 INTRODUCTION The Canterbury region is the second largest dairy producer in the country (Statistics New Zealand, n.d.). Over the period of 2007 to 2012

  • A Brief Note On Land Use Land Cover Change Detection

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    Where, FVC=fractional vegetation cover NDVI= Normalized Difference Vegetation Index The above equation (FVC) is used to get fraction an area with vegetation cover using NDVI value. NDVIs=is NDVI for soil and NDVIv= NDVI for vegetation To calculate landsat 8, land surface emissivity (LSE) first the following equation Eq. 3.4 is used to calculated proportion vegetation. Pv= (NDVI-NDVImin/NDVImax-NDVImin)^2 Eq. (3.4) Where, Pv=proportion of vegetation NDVI=Normalized

  • Valerie Thomas Research Paper

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    Have you ever thought of how cool it is to be able to sit and watch a movie in which the images appear to come out at you in 3-D? If so, and even if you haven't, you have Valerie Thomas to thank. Valerie Thomas made and patented the Illusion Transmitter which later led to 3-Dimensional images. This was a big contribution to our modern day technology and even NASA research. Valerie Thomas is one out of many African-Americans who influenced American history. Valerie Thomas was born in 1943 in Maryland

  • So You’ve Decided to visit Earth.

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    So You’ve Decided to visit Earth. Pamphlet with 10 simple rules to aid your survival on the world of this up and coming hostile species Paid for by the Galactic Confederation. Rule Number 1: Eavesdrop, Eavesdrop, Eavesdrop. The gateway to understanding human mind is spending time reviewing their transmissions. Remarkably un-shy and very gregarious, they have been broadcasting both their audio and visual entertainment for decades much to the annoyance of other neighboring, less chatty species

  • Persuasive Essay On Women Pay

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    If,for the same work,women make only 77 cents for every dollar a man makes, why don’t business hire only women? Wages are the biggest expense for most. So, hiring only women would reduce costs by nearly a quarter and that would go right to the bottom line. Don’t business want to be profitable. Or, are they just really bad at math? Well,actually,it’s the feminists,celebrities and politicians spreading this wage gap myth who have the math problem. Here’s why. The 77-cents-on-the-dollar statistic is

  • A Brief Note On The Therac 25 Incident

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    # P1 - Q26 ###Therac-25 The Therac-25 incident is one of the more difficult to understand. AECL, the company which designed and manufactured Therac-25 is opaque, and gives little to no information on how the software was developed. There is no one incident report, as this took place over two years and 6 unrelated accidents. Many institutions did not even realize the cause patients’ radiation burns and later medical issues until months after. Most of what follows is based on a paper by Nancy Leveson

  • The Era Of Music During Beethoven And Dido And Aeneas By Henry Purcell

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    may like music of different tempos or dynamics. Many composers may only focus on one instrument to perfect. Regardless of taste or need for music, it is all important. Two of the important pieces learned in the beginning music class are Symphony No. 5 in C minor by Beethoven and Dido and Aeneas by Henry Purcell. A major historical event was well underway when Beethoven was born. The Age of Enlightenment was upon the world. The peak of the period was happening right as Beethoven was born. Philosophy

  • Analysis Of Ariane 5 Launch, The Software Failure

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    During Ariane 5 launch, the software failure occurred when an attempt to convert a 64-bit floating point number to convert a 64-bit floating point number representing the horizontal velocity to a signed/fixed 16-bit integer caused the number to overflow (become too big). The floating point number was too large to be represented in 16-bit (i.e. Ariane 4 software) and this hence caused a numeric overflow. The maximum value that can be represented in 16-bit is 32768. And the horizontal velocity which