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  • Essay On The Word Finesse

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    Finesse is a word that is now popular due to its use in pop culture and the media. I used it because of its great diversity in meaning throughout the years. The word was first used in the 1500’s to define things or actions as “delicate, artifice” (Finesse (n.).”) It later changed meanings in the 1700’s to mean “Of very high quality“(“Finesse.”) I hoped to learn exactly how it got to the meaning it has today and how it became so popular. The word finesse has been through many changes based on the

  • The Liberation Of De La Francophonie

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    1. L`ORGANISATION INTERNATIONALE DE LA FRANCOPHONIE L`Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (0IF) est une organisation dont les membres parlent la langue française et partagent certaines valeurs comme la diversité culturelle, la paix, la gouvernance démocratique, la consolidation de l`État de droit et la protection de l`environnement. Les objectifs de l`OIF sont: • Instauration et développement de la démocratie • Prévention, gérance et arrêté des conflits, et soutien à l`État de droit et

  • Gaulish Language

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    Known as the language of love, many people view the French language as an intriguing language. Unfortunately, not everyone knows the complex history of the French language. If examining the geographic area in which French has come to be then it is easy to see there are a great many factors that have influenced its formation over time. Many of these include the cultural influences of whichever group held political control over the land or the changing social attitudes of those people. The earliest

  • Music In Courtly Life Analysis

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    In Music in the Western World: A History in Document’s article “Music in Courtly Life,” Pierro Weiss and Richard Taruskin discuss music in the feudal system of France through the study of the famous troubadour Raimbaut de Vaqueiras. To Weiss and Taruskin, Raimbaut de Vaqueiras was the poster child for a troubadour’s life; a young dedicated knight falling in love with his brother-in-arms’ sister, who then later gained high status in the system. His chansonniers, according to expert John Haines, played