Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool

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  • The Story Of My Life

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    The sun shone high, a little too high. Walking down the path of the Washington Monument in, quite obviously, Washington D.C., the Lincoln memorial looked bigger of an obstacle than my friends and I had thought it'd be. I made a grand mistake of wearing a heavy shirt; sweat was dripping in torrents down my neck. Elli and Kennedie, my greatest friends who always remained faithful, were walking somewhat a few paces in front of me. The heat was very unbearable, but Elli's mom, who lagged behind me more

  • The Korean War Veterans Memorial

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    now that we have the memorial people will surly ask themselves what was the Korean War and look it up. That is exactly what I did. This memorial is an amazing display of what we as people can do after a time off peril. The Korean War Veterans Memorial is located in Washington, D.C.'s West Potomac Park, southeast of the Lincoln Memorial and just south of the Reflecting Pool on the National Mall. It commemorates those who served in the Korean War. There are 4 parts of this memorial The Mural Wall, 19

  • Summary: 11 Sights You Have To See In Washington

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    everything in D.C. is located. It is the perfect starting point for some of the most famous museums and monuments in the city. The mall itself is a long strip of grassy park and pond area, which stretches from the Capitol building in the east, to the Lincoln Memorial in the west. There are plenty of pathways to walk down as you make your way along the Mall,

  • Why Monuments Should Be Treated With Utmost Respect?

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    Source B (Christopher Columbus) the Christopher Columbus statue was put in RiverSide, PA not necessarily because that 's where he made history, but because the town felt it was necessary to honor him. In Source A it states that the Lincoln memorial was not put up when Lincoln was alive and it was also made by a river. Even though the location is not

  • Essay on Summary of World War Two

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    Summary of World War Two World War II is the name commonly given to the global conflict of 1939-1945. It is said to be the greatest and most destructive war in world history. The World War II military operations were conducted primarily in Europe but also in Asia, Africa, and the far islands of the Pacific as well. More than 17 million members of the armed forces perished during the conflict. It caused strain on the economic capabilities of the major nations and left many countries on the

  • The Significance Of The Lincoln Memorial

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    of a monument. For instance the Lincoln Memorial was built on the National Mall, in Washington D.C., a place that is practically a “pilgrimage site”, as said by Kirk Savage in his book Monument Wars (source A). The purpose of the monuments built on the National Mall are to bring about a symbolic aura for the government. The Lincoln Memorial brings this aura by honoring America’s “greatest president of all time”, in the nation’s capitol. Along with Lincoln’s memorial, you have the Constitution Gardens

  • Urban Excursion : Korean War Veterans Memorial

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    Urban Excursion: Korean War Veterans Memorial The Korean War Veterans Memorial is a monument that stood out the most to me while visiting Washington D.C with my fellow nursing students. Residing on the National Mall, southeast of the Lincoln Memorial and south of the Reflecting Pool, the Korean War Veterans Memorial was dedicated to the 5.8 million Americans that served and sacrificed in the Korean War. During its relatively short duration from June 25, 1950 to July 27, 1953, 36,374 Americans died

  • Essay on The King's Dream

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    King Jr., Rosa Parks, Malcom X and many more. But King was the only one who stood out of the pack. His purpose was to have equality for all races, not just African Americans. King had addressed a speech that he had written and spoke of it at the Lincoln memorial in Washington D.C on August 28, 1963. In King’s “I Have a Dream” he motivated and touched not only African Americans but white folks as well in the world and in the crowd. His speech delivers a powerful message during the Civil Rights Movements

  • The Nixon Library And The Library

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    committee, there is a chance that he would have never made it into the oval office. Moving on to the presidential days, the group was also able to view the presidential limousine. It was a black, bulletproof Lincoln Continental with a V-8 engine priced around $500,000. There was also a remake of the Lincoln Room, Nixon’s favorite room in the White House. The museum also housed the 54 copies of TIME magazine that presented Richard Nixon on the cover. The

  • I Have a Dream by Martin Luther King

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    Commentary on Martin Luther King, Jr.: “I Have a Dream” Speech (1963) On August 28, 1963, nearly a quarter of million people arrived in the District of Columbia for the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. In the midst of the days various events and speeches, one stood out: Martin Luther King, Jr’s speech “ I Have a Dream”. It is a political text in which he called for racial equality and an end to the discrimination. His oration eclipsed the remarks of all other speakers that day and it is