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  • The Importance Of Living In Hell In Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar

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    When asked to describe hell, the phrases “eternal damnation,” “a place of unquenchable fire,” and “a place of hopelessness” often come to mind. No matter your culture, beliefs, or religion, hell is universally painted as an endless pit of infernal darkness that is the destination for society’s undesirables and unwanted. In short, hell would not be a pleasant place to take a vacation to. In The Bell Jar, Sylvia Plath’s controversial 1963 novel, the main character Esther Greenwood experiences what

  • A Living Hell - Original Writing

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    A Living Hell Finally, finished another gloomy day of school. Carrying a heavy load of books on my aching shoulders, I started walking towards that same green, old gate as quickly as possible, attempting to avoid anyone, anyone, especially Mike and his brain-dead crew. It’s not far now. I left class early, hoping they wouldn’t– “OI, Terrorist!” Too late. I could hear their ignorant voices getting closer, as their footsteps on the school asphalt were getting louder. I should have known this was

  • Summary Of Catherine Jinks 'Living Hell'

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    Living Hell by Catherine Jinks is a book about 17 year old Cheney who lives on a spaceship named Plexus. Plexus is heading towards a radiation belt and Firminus the captain has to turn the spacecraft around to avoid it. But they run into something much worse that kills. Cheney lives on a ship called Plexus which is harbouring the last humans alive to find a new habitable planet since Earth is ruined. The Plexus is heading straight towards a radiation belt and they must find a way to avoid it. The

  • Short Story : ' The Car Went Sideways Down The Street ' Essay

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    The car went sideways down the street, sliding end around end, tires squealing and spinning, trying to find an inkling of exposed concrete so they could reclaim their rubbery grip from the ice that had slathered itself over our small rural town. Hoping to end this impromptu winter carousel ride, dad maniacally spun the steering wheel like some possessed pirate spinning the helm of a galley; countering the direction in which the car was sliding. All the while, the string of vulgarities spewing from

  • Essay about Truly A Living Hell

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    More tragically then dying in each other's arms, they survive to go on living a hellish life. The setting of this novel promotes each character's loneliness. It took place in a small New England town in the dead of winter. The winter season drains the life out of plants, buries the houses in snow, and creates and morbid

  • How Does Mary Shelley Create A Living Hell?

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    His tragedies will forever be a living hell. The supernatural force brings Robert Walton and Victor together. Victor is given another chance to create a balance in the order, near his death Victor meets Robert Walton, a man who has the same passion and pursuit for scientific discovery Victor

  • The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis

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    In The Great Divorce, C.S. Lewis provides an allegorical description of a dreamers journey from hell to heaven. The Narrator of the book takes a journey on a bus from the grey town, hell, to just outside of heaven. While he is making this trip from the grey town to heaven, he converses with some of his fellow travelers. These travelers are all different, yet all have the mindset of not being able to leave the darkness of the grey town and go to the joy that is heaven. Through his talent in story-telling

  • Dante's Inferno How the Punishment Fits the Crime

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    To merely say that Dante was interested in the world of hell would be an understatement. His needs to explore and write about the nine different realms could best be described as an obsession. It’s an adventure, a tale, a dream (or nightmare) of different historical, biblical, and Greek gods and creatures living their lives in the afterlife of the underground world. Each level has its own form of punishment fitting the crime one has committed. Level one, Limbo: for those who have not

  • Dante Inferno

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    he was in to repent and fear the wrath of hell or experience the rewards of paradise. It was most likely Dante’s own experiences of love, politics and exile that inspired him to write so deeply. “The Divine Comedy” is a work of originality. Dante is an important figure for Italian literature and Western literature in general. The reason for that is his imagery brings the reader into his world and his senses. Dante provides an in depth analysis of Hell and all its dimensions, more than we would

  • Depictions of the Afterlife

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    afterlife as a residence for souls after death has long been a topic of discussion and debate. This idea intrigues many. As Christians we believe that heaven is a place where believers go where life there will be a continuation of their present life, while hell is a place of judgment and punishment where many experience severe treatment. Direct experience is the only way individuals can experience these concepts, but once we obtain the experience it cannot be shared. This ultimately makes us want to know