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  • A Colored Man Drinking From A Water Fountain

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    hard due to the harsh reality of our country 's past. This popular photograph often seen in textbooks is a result of segregation in American history. Captivating is one word I would use to describe the photo of a colored man drinking from a water fountain. The photograph is in black and white and helps magnify the importance this photo has today. We can look at this photograph from our past and for many years to come, try to answer the many questions of why segregation existed. The gross injustice

  • Palace Of Florence Apartments

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    the breath of a dragon, blows the palm trees rustling their feather like fronds. After all, it is Florida and the Gulf of Mexico. The warbling and fascinating pocket-sized birds frolic and purify themselves in the main courtyard fountain. The water splashing from the fountain makes its’ own musical symphony when looking at the grand stairs, and then even further as they appear to climb into the heavens. Tenants still occupy several of the apartments as they lounge on their balconies enjoying a frosty

  • Marcel Duchamp ( 1887-1968 )

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    Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968) was a French artist, known for his contributions to the Dada movement and for his influence on other artists that followed him. He was born in Blainville-sur-Crevon, a small town in northern France where his father served as a notary. His mother was artistically inclined and thus Duchamp became interested in sketching and painting when he was a teenager. At the age of seventeen, he moved to Paris to study art at the Académie Julian. As a young artist, he was influenced

  • Research On Hydration Stations On College Campuses

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    They initially trialed an Elkay and an Oasis retrofit on two existing water fountains. They 've been much happier with the Elkay model and all subsequent installs have been Elkays. For Allegheny College campus, they have to replace the filters once maybe twice a year. Our recent order had the retrofits with filters (for already installed compatible fountains) at $789 and a new fountain with the filtered bottle filler at $828 (marked down from $1176 due to a summer sale). The larger

  • Creating Safer And Natural Environment

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    come and enjoy, and spend quality time with friends and families. Also, the park is accessible to everyone. The park has beautiful attractions and provides a wide selection of activities and facilities for all ages, such as a beautiful lake with fountain located in the heart of the park with picturesque view; bounded by natural plants and a great relaxing space. Deep Run Park has a very well maintained and safe environment for the children’s. Because the park is a location for children’s to learn

  • A Sociological Perspective Of A Parent Playing Basketball At A Park With A Child

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    Picture a parent playing basketball at a park with a child, the child acknowledges the parent’s authority on rules of the game. The child begins to challenge this parent role. The interaction between the two has heated up. How do define this counter, what is this in a sociological perspective? Process and micro interactions defines our roles in society. For Example, “The very organization of the self-conscious community is dependent upon individuals taking the attitude of the other individuals.”

  • Better Off Friends Character Analysis

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    Imagine moving from Los Angeles, California to a small town in Wisconsin and not knowing anyone at the new school. Anyone in this situation would want to make friends that would accept them in the new town. This is the position Levi, one of the main characters in Elizabeth Eulberg’s Better off Friends, is in when he starts middle school. Macallan, the other main character, is the person that befriends Levi, and they become very close very fast. Being a new kid from down south, many people stereotype

  • The Drinking Fountain at the University of California, San Diego

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    February 15th, 2014, I took a trip to the drinking fountain at the University of California, San Diego that was assigned by Professor B for my second writing assignment. The drinking fountain is made out of granite that has been polished. It is situated on a cement pathway across from Yogurt World and the iconic Triton statue, which is next to the Price Center. The drinking fountain is in front of the Student Services Center building and next to the fountain, close to several outdoor seats and tables. The

  • `` Atonement `` By Ian Mcewan

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    very important scene is the fountain scene where Robbie and Cecilia are filling a vase with water and Robbie causes the vase to slip out of Cecilia’s hands breaks some pieces falling into the fountain. Cecilia acts fast and removes her clothing in order to retrieve the vase piece. Meanwhile, you have Briony wondering her room and happens to see the two conversing and is shocked to see Cecilia remove her clothes. Briony begins to assume things instantly “ The Triton fountain, and standing by the basin’s

  • Ephemeral Euphoria Short Story

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    Ephemeral Euphoria Life was joyous, for the boy had not yet met with any calamities. The buoyancy in his happiness reflected his upbringing; slightly spoiled, yet well mannered. It was the boy’s eighth birthday; another year full of delight, but this year, his parents had intended to surprise him. As a collective, both the boy’s parents as well as most of his friends had decided to take the boy to an amusement park, as a sort of pre-party for his birthday party. They had planned to gather up parade