Marcus Didius Falco

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  • A Comparative Analysis On SocratesTruth Or Lies?

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    “Truths? Or Lies?” “A Comparative Analysis on Socrates Argument.” Arrogant is the best term to describe Socrates. Socrates was over-critical of others, and too fixated on his own philosophical prowess to care about the consequences his actions may have produced. As well as Socrates had the qualities of a man who saw no error in what he was doing because he thought he was above average men, and thought he was a benefit to society against what others claimed. These examples of Socrates’

  • Interaction between Political and Social Life in Ancient Imperial Rome

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    the information given must be corroborated with several primary sources to correct any inherent biases. Lindsey Davies is an author who specialises in writing about life in Ancient Rome. Her novels are famous for the detective work of Marcus Didius Falco, with books such as "Last Act in Palmyra", "Venus in Copper", "A Dying Light in Corduba" and "The Iron Hands of Mars" winning her the Sherlock Holmes Award for