One Deep Breath

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  • Personal Narrative: Trigonometry Summative Assessment

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    Mr. Smith ambled towards my direction holding a heap of stapled papers. From a distance all I could observe was boxes. As I extended my hands to seize the paper, I took a quick glimpse of his face. One of the most somber face expressions I’ve ever seen. His smirk made me cringe the most. Right when the sheet paper had a clasp of my fingers, Mr. Smith letted go, and I felt his glacial, boney hands gliding away from my pinky. I held the sheet of thin, flimsy paper in front of me, and the paper was

  • Creative Writing: Clouds

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    the edge of the sidewalk and the field and takes a deep breath. one step at a time he starts moving into the field. he smells this ratchet smell of some kind of decaying of food or waste. he moves the tall grass from side to side to investigate the ground for any mystery items or random gadgets he may use. every step is a mystery to zack and exciting until he comes across a random arm that falls out of the brush. he stops and takes a deep breath and hopes there is a living body on the other end

  • My Story : A Story Of A Hero Story

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    everyone said I looked just like my dad. The freckles that overlined my face. The dark brown eyes with thick black eyelashes. I thought of his image in my head. The only thing that remained different were my eyes were filled with sadness. If there was one thing I would always remember about my dad was that his eyes were always filled with happiness, excitement, or sympathy. I felt my face slightly redding. My eyes welled up with tears. I felt a big lump in my throat that I attempted to swallow. I felt

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    women, “where is she, where is she, my love.” The receptionist asked if he was Bruce. He replied, “Yes” she pointed to the room and without saying anything bruce darted into the room. There she was, dying,suffering,being tortured by her body, and no one could do anything to help her. Bruce lightly tapped Bella, telling her that he had arrived for her. Bruce knew if he didn’t arrive home soon there would be punishments. He again tapped Bella’s arm, to let her know that he was leaving. She weakly requested

  • Being Young Essay: The First Stage Of Life

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    baby, a toddler, a tween, a teen, or even the vague term; kid. Everyone will have their own opinion on when they stopped, if they even did, being young. Through my eyes, being young is having so much life ahead of oneself, not counting the memories one has

  • The Dystopia For The Modern Society In John Rand's Anthem

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    the day and night.” (Rand 23). Once Equality 7-2521 has broken out of the society, he discovers a place in the mountains away from the old society. He lives their with International 4-8818 or the nickname that Equality 7-2521 dubbed her, The Golden One. While living in the glass house on the mountain, Equality discovers freedom and starts using the forbidden word from the old society, “I”. Equality 7-2521 will abandon all the rules from his old society because of technology, ego, and last but not

  • Examples Of Insider Advice For Shopping Smarter

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    You can wear the same dress again just by teaming it up with some shrug or jacket and turn your otherwise boring outfit something fun. 7. C’mon! You can let go of those old clothes now. You can compensate money for new clothes by selling off the old ones on sites like EBay. With so much social media these days, it’s not hard to find girls who’d go crazy about those clothes you’ve outgrown or gotten bored of. What else? You can even buy some there! But make sure those clothes you are trying to sold

  • Veterinary Experience Essay

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    made everyone feel just a little better. “And now with no deale once so ever. The award for Best Advances in Veterinary Practices is...Dr. Grace Smith!” The announcer said with a happy and gleaming voice once again. I couldn’t believe that I had one. Time froze in front of me. I couldn’t see, I couldn’t hear, I couldn’t move. Everything that I had worked for. Every waking moment that I had spent studying and practicing had finally paid off. I had won the award of my dreams. And suddenly everything

  • The Darkness Is Completely Overpowering

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    The darkness is completely overpowering. I have been standing upright in this small case for a really long time, only being held up by others that have been pushed into me forcefully. I can feel that I am getting dryer, getting to the point where I will be unusable. “Psssst! He’s coming guys. I hope you make it back like I did. When I went out there, I almost didn’t make it back,” said a small Pentel eraser. “Calm down! I’m sure it isn’t that bad,” I replied. At that point all of a sudden, my

  • Aesthetic Experience Research Paper

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    being that I am in this movement. I breathe in deep, I will myself to relax and to write about the beauty in a single deep breath. Wait, that is a too broad and too deep of a topic for this micro theme so I will narrow it down to a breath that I remember clearly. My border collie Janta and I, took a trip to explore the central and northern coastal areas of California. We left our home in Santa Barbara, California three or four days before with one