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  • Margot Fonteyn Essay

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    Margot Fonteyn is known as one of the greatest classical ballet dancers of all time. Fonteyn has inspired many people and although ballet has changed over the years she is still admired by everyone. She characterized herself by showing excellent technique, her sensitivity to music, grace and passion. Fonteyn was born in May 18, 1919 in Reigate,Surrey England and died in February 21st,1991 in Panama city. She was diagnosed with cancer and eventually the cancer took over her and killed her

  • Analysis Of The Unfinished Dance, By Margaret O ' Brien

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    This weekend Christina Wehner is hosting the En Pointe Blogathon, a three-day event celebrating films that spotlight that beautiful and centuries old form of dance known as ballet. One of the most overlooked Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer films of the 1940s - The Unfinished Dance - just so happens to revolve around ballet, and so I have chosen to call attention to this rarity as well as to Ballerina ( 1937 ) which was based on the same story. Both of these pictures are about a ballet student who accidentally

  • Anne Frank Wrote about the Good Underneath

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    Anne Frank once wrote “Despite everything, I believe that people are still really good at heart” and I personally agree with this statement. Anne Frank was a Dutch, Jewish girl who went into hiding during the Holocaust. She and her family were hiding from the Nazis in the time of World War II. The Jewish were one of the people to starve in Hitler’s Hunger Plan. Anne during her time in hiding wrote in her diary that in today’s time is published. Sadly, after a few years of hiding, she was arrested

  • Diary Of Anne Frank : Book Report

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    would begin hiding. These first few entries are staring to describe the family 's struggles and how joyful and willing Anne really is. In chapter two, which contain dates Thursday, July 9, 1942, through Thursday, November 9, 1942, Anne and her sister Margot are hurried too quickly begin packing for the time that they are spent in hiding. They bring little with them

  • Book Report On The Book ' The Night '

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    writing a book, it is going to be really good. I wish it would be published so that lots of people could read it and enjoy it. Once I’m finished with my book I will lend a copy to my good friends the Franks. The Franks are, Otto Frank, Edith Frank, Margot Frank, and Anne Frank. So it’s 1:00 in the afternoon and while I was in the middle of writing my book I was interrupted by a loud, BANG! Then there were even more loud noises and I started to think that they were gunshots, so I looked at my window

  • Otto Frank 's A Secret Hiding Place

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    nineties and died in 1980. Otto Frank was probably the most generous and calm person of the family. Otto Frank was a devoted father and husband while in hiding. He helped the children by tutoring them and helping them with schoolwork. He not only helped Margot and Anne, but he offered to help Peter, the Van Daan 's son. Otto Frank was intelligent when it came to helping the kids. He tried his best to make them understand. He also had a very good profession, which happened to be right below the annex. Another

  • Anne Frank 's Time Of The Secret Annex

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    Anne Frank, born on June 12th, 1929, was a young-Jewish girl that lived in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Anne lived a quiet life her small home with her father Otto, mother Edith, and her sister Margot. She attended school, but was restricted due to her religious faith. Because Anne was Jewish, she was unable to streetcars or any transportation, could only shop at specific times, and forbidden to attend any form of entertainment. On July 19, 1942, her family moved to the Secret Annex, to protect themselves

  • The Incredible Life of Anne Frank Essay

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    Frank, July 15th, 1944. Anne Frank was many things: a writer, a storyteller, a witness, and a victim, among them. A fact that many seem to forget is that she was also a human being. In a concentration camp in 1945, Anne held her dying sister Margot in her arms. Her sister died very shortly after that scene; Anne died a few days later. These deaths are not featured in the famous play or classic movie based on Anne Frank’s life. Yet the true ending of Anne’s life was horrific; she suffered

  • Essay on Themes in The Diary of Anne Frank

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    Themes in The Diary of Anne Frank "Anne Frank" is a diary written by a teenage girl during the Nazi Occupation in World War Two. The story starts when Anne Frank receives a diary as a 13th birthday present, from her father, Otto Frank. There are a several themes of this diary, it deals with the problems of growing up, and the affects war has on her life and love. As it is a diary it expresses these themes in a very personal way. The story is mainly set in Amsterdam

  • The Diary Of Anne Frank's The Diary Of Anne Frank

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    Who is Anne Frank? Anne Frank was young German-Jewish girl born in 1929, her family were set out to hide during the Holocaust ( “Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect,” n.d.). They would hide and live in several annex rooms for a span of three hard long years ( “Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect,” n.d.). She has inspired many people from around the world for courageous and hopeful actions. Her book, The Diary of Anne Frank is influential especially to young people around age in the book. It gives