Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletic Association

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  • Lindenwood Sports Essay

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    nThe Lindenwood football team travels to Pittsburg State this Saturday. The Lions and Gorillas will kick off their contest at 7 p.m. in Pittsburg, Kan. nLindenwood enters the contest with a 1-2 overall record. Last week, the Lions scored the first 16 points against Washburn, but the Ichabods scored the final 26 points of the game for a 26-16 win. nPittsburg State is 2-1 on the season. The Gorillas have won two straight games, including a 68-21 road victory over Northeastern State last Saturday

  • Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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    east. (Smith, Ronald) The people who are most affected by the atrocities preformed by the NCAA are the players. Every higher up in the NCAA, from the coaches to the president of the NCAA get paid boatloads of money. These people coaches, athletic directors, athletic trainers, everyone involved are getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars and at the big time schools millions. Everyone gets paid except for

  • Should College Athletes Get Paid?

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    college athletes get paid? This question has been on the table for discussion, ever since intercollegiate athletics became mainstream in American culture during the late 19th century. However, the possible routes to the answer have been shut down because the pioneers of intercollegiate athletics described a college athlete an “amateur” and “amateurs play for the love of the game” (Smith 10). Intercollegiate athletics were not as serious these days; education was the number priority of institutions and

  • Title Ix And Its Impact On American Sports

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    Title IX consists of just thirty-seven words, and it is these words that have transformed the dynamics within the female athletic sphere in the United States. Although the federal law was initially envisioned to assist women in academia, it is currently renowned for its profound impact on American sports (Ware). It is an irrefutable fact that Title IX has vastly increased women’s participation in sports: the law has reportedly increased female participation rates within colleges six-fold from 1972—the

  • Collegiate Athletic Practices Of Collegiate Sports

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    The NCAA was founded in 1906 to protect young people from the dangerous and exploitive athletic practices of the time," (Treadway). At the time the National Collegiate Athletic Association, NCAA, initiated in 1906, no one ever considered that collegiate sports would develop into the billion dollar program that it is currently. Collegiate sports in America are on pace to surpass the popularity of American professional sports. The growth of the NCAA has led to numerous complications. Taking a step

  • Analysis: Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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    2015). On the other hand, certain people believe that college athletes should be paid for risking their bodies, for spending most of their time practicing, and for bringing in money and good publicity to their school and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). College Sports are about the athletes that push themselves to become one of the greatest that they can be, when others are in their bed sleeping or out partying, these individuals are pushing their bodies as well as their brains. Since

  • Essay on Title IX: Fighting for Equality

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    And without women willing to go through that pain there would be no more human race, so if they can do that we can definitely play a sport. Still women would not let men keep them down, in the 1800’s and the 1900’s women started to form informal athletic clubs; which help states like new york and new Orleans get popular sports like tennis, croquet bowling and archery. Even though they were forming groups they did not have any women clubs of their own. But, some men’s clubs actually let women participate

  • Canadian Women In Sports

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    But it was during the early and mid 1990s that Canadian women, given a decade's access to the sport, began to dominate. 1990 brought gold in the LW4- and HW4-. The latter had finished second last the previous year.i Additional success in 1990 included a silver medal in the HW1x, and bronze (by 0.06 seconds) in the LW2x. The 1992 Olympics saw gold awarded to the HW2-, the HW4-, and the HW8+, a great showing of the women's national team, which was happily received by the Canadian public.ii The

  • The Changing Attitudes Toward Athletics

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    The changing attitudes toward athletics began in the mid 1820’s when sport became commercialized, publicized and organizations began to form. Harness Racing became the first modernized sport which seen change thanks to growth and the transformation of America. You first begin to see the formation of organization at the local, regional and national level. Rules became formal and written and legitimized by the organization where before, rules were based on local customs, so variations were plentiful

  • Physical Education Time Line and Ojectives

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    History of Physical Education Event Date: | Event Title: | Event Description: | | 1st Nov, 1600 | Overview of Physical Education | Quick Over View of Physical Education History | | 1st Jan, 1774 | First Physical Education Teacher | Johann Friedrich Simon was the First Modern Physical Education teacher; he was a part of the curriculum at Johann Basedow's Philanthropinum in Dessau, Germany. The Philanthropinum was an experimental school with a portion of its curriculum devoted to physical training