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  • Of The Muskoseepi Park Skateboare Prairie Skatepark Strategy

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    Park Skatepark and Grande Prairie Skatepark Strategy open house was hosted on October 24th at 6:00 pm in a Muskoseepi Park meeting room facing the proposed expansion site. This open house is part of the council directed Skateboard Park Strategy to access existing parks and recommend new areas and designs that will meet current needs and look ten years into future needs (Grande Prairie Skatepark Strategy, 2017). During this open house participant input on both locations for future skateparks and

  • Personal Narrative : The Scariest Day Of My Life?

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    The window rolled down. 8 shots were fired from a handgun towards us with nowhere to hide. I shouldn’t be alive right now. August 7, 2017, was the scariest day of my life, the day I was shot at in a drive-by at Martha Lake Skatepark. The day started off normal, I woke up around 2:17 PM because I just got back from a trip to Japan the day before and I was really jetlagged. I grabbed my phone and called my friend Justin. “Yo, wassup man! How’s it been?” He said as he answered the phone. “I’m good

  • Skateboarding Culture Essay

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    where it is possible to smoke in general, and because skaters tend to smoke marijuana quite blatantly instead of moving to a remote area. The routine activity theory could explain this phenomenon with an emphasis on the lack of a guardian in the skateparks. As the theory focuses on the situation of the delinquent behavior, rather than the

  • Personal Narrative: Broken Board

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    I was at the north field skatepark trying to land a trick that me and my friend learned recently at a different skatepark, it was called a front foot impossible it wraps around your front foot but it normally goes around your left foot that's why it is a difficult trick, so when I was skating around we decided to start tying the trick and it was going pretty good until I randomly just started falling a lot which made me start to sweat and get mad, it was like the skatepark could feel the heat from

  • Evolution Of Skateboarding Essay

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    those circumstances, the first skatepark opened nearly 15 years after skateboarding had been created. Then a couple months later a man named Bill Richard, who owned a surf shop, contacted The Chicago Roller Skate company and arranged a deal to produce a few sets of roller

  • Oak Park Research Paper

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    in oak park, my third and final reason is that there are health benefits l will tell you the best reasons why we should have a skate park in lovely oak park Reducing property damage The first reason there should be a skate park in oak park is skateparks reduce property damage. For example when you go to a public park one of the many things you see are chipped stairs. One of the main reasons why is skaters and scooter riders have metal pegs and very strong decks. This shows Once a thing like that

  • My Birthday Day

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    me and some friends down to visit her and my grandpa. The day after we got there my grandma wanted to take us to a skatepark in columbia but we had a slight problem. We didn’t know how to get there so we had to wait a couple of days. So that day instead of going to columbia we just went to a skatepark in jefferson city. It was fun but i really wish we could’ve went to the skatepark in columbia. So the next day me,lukas,and thomas, two of my best friends, went to a little camping spot that i know

  • The Skateboarder Ideologies

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    Ideologies against conformity to civilization was very common across skateboarders and is put best in a letter to the editor when a subscriber wrote in to Thrasher magazine The idea that society seemed so structured and almost preordained went against the beliefs of many skaters whom felt like life was more than just “joining the elites,” but rather to live in a free manner that provides the most self-gratification. Skateboarding proved to be just the activity for many skaters that allowed them the

  • A Healthy Hobby: Skateboarding

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    I decided to steal his skateboard for drug money. I did not end up selling the skateboard. I was an ex-skateboarder that had quit due to depression. I wondered how well I could still skateboard. I hitched my now emaciated self to the local skatepark. Still with no money I had to skateboard sober. I was in such bad health. I could only skateboard for fifteen minutes at a time. Then I would have to sit and catch my breath for thirty minutes. This first skateboard session changed my life

  • Skateboarding History

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    Since its conception and development, skateboarding has been a controversial public activity. This negative reputation dates back to the origins of skateboarding and to fully understand the issue we must understand the history of skateboarding. In the 1950’s, many different surfers had the idea to put roller skate wheels on 2x4 wooden planks and “surf” the streets when they couldn't actually surf in the ocean during periods of low tide. This was the public's first impression of what would eventually