Missoula Floods

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  • The Draining Of Glacial Lake Missoula And The Formation Formations

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    THE DRAINING OF GLACIAL LAKE MISSOULA AND THE RESULTING GEOLOGICAL FORMATIONS RIZZO, Scott Department of Geology, SUNY Cortland,Cortland, NY 13045 In the 1920’s, geologist J. Harlen Bretz challenged the current concept of how various geological formations happened. At the time, geologists believed in uniformitarianism, which meant that geologic change in the past resulted from the same slow, steady processes at work today. But Bretz presented evidence that there was at least one exception to

  • Poverty Is A Social Problem

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    Walking down the street in Missoula, Montana often brings you into contact with poverty. From the courthouse lawn to the sidewalks in front of the grocery stores there are many people who are homeless and begging for money and food. Living in this city for the majority of my life, I have been exposed to people in poverty everyday. This topic is of interest to me because I have worked with these people firsthand and seen their struggles within their lives. These people are often very warm-hearted

  • Wilderness Information Network

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    Development of the Wilderness Information Network Section One The internet boom of the late nineteen-ninnies and the early two-thousands sparked creativity across the board for organizations to spread their message, three of these organizations resided in Missoula Montana. The University of Montana's(U of M) Wilderness Institute, Aldo Leopold Wilderness Institute, and the Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center thought to create a website that would spawn a cyberculture of wilderness out of disparate

  • Interpersonal Power In Norman Maclean's A River Runs Through It

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    The natural world has an unequivocal power to anything human to make one deeply contemplative, introspective, and observant of the universe around them. Norman Maclean testifies to this power in his novella, A River Runs Through It. Through his eulogy to the Blackfoot river, Norman Maclean captures his journey from boy to man through his powerful connection to the Blackfoot River. Robert Redford’s movie adaptation, while maintaining the core importance of the Blackfoot river, focuses on the interpersonal

  • An Anonymous Rape Survivor 's Story

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    the population in Missoula, in comparison to the national average, and something should be done. There is also a low number of people who are there to support and help the survivors of sexual assault. According to city-data.com in 2014 the rape rate in Missoula was 68.9% and the U.S average was 27.2% per 100,000 pop. Missoula’s rape rate has increased every year with a staggering 22.4% increase from 2013. While the U.S average increased by only 0.4% from 2013. During 2011 Missoula was also named

  • Reflection On Philanthropy

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    Coming into this course, I had always thought of philanthropy as wealthy individuals giving out their funds to nonprofits that caught their interest. I certainly didn’t realize the great amount of effort and time that is necessary to make philanthropy effective and worthwhile. Achieving lasting and positive change isn’t as easy as having the money to do it, you also need to be willing to think up possible solutions and adjust when they’re not working. Being a true philanthropist can end up being

  • Jeannette Rankin

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    factor in shaping Jeannette was being born in Missoula, Montana. It is important to this report to understand the community where Jeannette grew up. It was a factor in the formation of her worldviews. John and Olive settled in a beautiful area of the Missoula valley called Grant Creek. Even to today, Grant Creek is a lush, tranquil setting that has a quiet sense of Jeannette 's world 130 years ago. Again, Lewis and Clark had visited the Missoula valley only 75 years before Jeannette was born

  • Man and Nature in Norman Maclean's book, Young Men and Fire Essay

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    Man and Nature in Norman Maclean's book, Young Men and Fire Norman Maclean's book, Young Men and Fire, recreates the tragedy of the Mann Gulch fire. His ambition to have this lamentable episode of history reach out and touch his readers triumphs in extolling the honor and respect deserved by the thirteen smoke jumpers who died. This book is a splendid tribute to the courageous efforts of such men, as well as a landmark, reminding mankind to heed the unpredictable behavior and raw power of nature

  • The Natural Disasters

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    not very frequent. This may have in part to do with the makeup of the Arabian Sea. However, Cyclones which have occurred in the past did cause considerable damage to the coastal areas affecting the livelihood of the people living on the coast. • Flood Flood is a state in which water level rises above normal along river banks and the coastal areas. They cause land

  • Protecting Floodplains by Aaron Dante Mamiit

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    there are times when flooding is merely an inconvenient and annoying event, there are also times when it develops into something much more frightening and dangerous. But why is Metro Manila so badly plagued by floods anyway? One of the reasons why Metro Manila constantly battles with the flood problem is because a large part of it is situated on a floodplain. What are floodplains? Floodplains are landscapes that are formed when running water, often in streams and rivers, transports eroded rock and