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  • Marketing Strategy : Developing A Mobile Games Platform

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    Mobitelea Games (MG) is developing a mobile games platform that will relate to current affairs among others themes. Our marketing strategy will illustrate how the target market segments will be exploited into getting customers as well as creating a guaranteed revenue stream. This is because our company will not follow the traditional path followed by those in the industry but will do things differently in its bid to be competitive. Primarily, the company will focus on creation of a unique game experience

  • Pokemon Is The Most Successful Mobile Game Of All Time

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    young people crowding around areas of interest that would normally be easygoing. Whats going on? It 's called Pokemon GO, a mobile game based off Nintendo 's Pokémon - and has turned out to be huge cultural phenomenon. The game uses the GPS on your mobile device to track and capture Pokémon located at various locations around the world. One of the unique features of the game is that a Pokémon can be caught while using Augmented reality (AR) - you can catch a Pokémon while looking at the real world

  • Beloved Candy Crush Saga Mobile Game Essay

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    commonly think that Gemix is a slot machine game, it’s best not to think of it as such. Gemix Slot Machines is unique for it mixes into the arcade game category while many still consider it a slots type of game. With this, it seems to be a popular arcade/slot machine hybrid game due to its addictive gameplay, attractive interface, and of course, its casino-like energy and concept. We can say that it’s reminiscent of the beloved Candy Crush Saga mobile game because of Gemix’s matching gems mechanic

  • Erasing the Gap between Video Game Consoles and Mobile Phones

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    when the world of mobile phones was dominated by our very own ‘Snake’ game, in which one used to feed a hungry snake dots, squares or other objects to grow their length, making sure it stealthily avoid eating its own self. But there existed this elite class who owned their very own PlayStation 2, and hence were given the title of ultimate gamers without any doubt. Zip to 2014 where we literally need to take out our umbrellas and protect ourselves from pouring game apps. With game categories ranging

  • Advantages Of Online Mobile Games

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    Get Only The Best Online Casino Mobile Games Looking to get only the best Online Casino Mobile Games? Then you came to the right place. Here we will explain why you should choose our Mobile services and how, just by doing that, you can increase your chances to win over 200$ cash prizes, with us. Not only that, but you will also be able to play your favorite Casino Games anywhere you go by taking them with you: on your way to work, camping, on your business trip or just sitting back in your home

  • Mobile Adds Two New Netent Games

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    Bet365 Mobile Adds Two New NetEnt Games NetEnt Games has just added two spectacular mobile games to the growing Bet365 Mobile games collection. The new games, Sparks and Magic Portals feature a spectacular show featuring neon-themes and fascinating sounds. NetEnt AB is a world leading premium supplier of B2B digital casino systems and games. The Stockholm Sweden based gaming outfit was born in 1996 through a partnership between Point Lindwall and lead investors Cherry and Kinnevik. NetEnt strongly

  • Adolescent Learning Practices And Preferences

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    This assignment has two folds. It first attempts to capture and narrate stories of adolescent learning practices and preferences in a middle school setting. Then, it analyses and interprets the narrative through the lens of literatures. The interpretation also can be supported or confuted by the perspectives gained from my interactions with adolescents and their teachers during my recent placement. As Pendergast (2009) points out, there is a lack of emphasis on middle school education that results

  • Facebook Mobile Friendly Games At Jackpot City Casino

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    Blog 37 – Microgaming introduces mobile-friendly games to Jackpot City Casino Microgaming is widely considered to be the No. 1 name within the world of online slot games, now it seems that they’re bring their games to a brand new audience. In the coming months Jackpot City Casino members are set to get a slice of the Microgaming action, as the developer is set add its games to the already vast selection available. From an observers perspective one thing seems clear, the online casino industry

  • Online Mobile Casino No Deposit Bonus Uk Essay

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    ONLINE MOBILE CASINO NO DEPOSIT BONUS UK With the use of tablets and phones increasing daily in the United Kingdom, gamers have been moving from online casinos no deposit bonus … to mobile developed casino games. There has been more and more mobile applications being developed to quench the gamers need to play games easily. If you are in the UK and you own a mobile devise such as iPad, iPhone or Android operated phone then you are in a very good position to play online casino games wherever you want

  • The Impact Of Mobile Advertisements In Generation X

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    gain money from this mobile application, and they will be used. Advertisements have become more popular within the past few years. The reason for this is because this generation, Generation X, is much more virtual friendly and much more reliant on technology. Bert Markgraf, the freelance writer and graduate of McGill University, speaks about this, saying: Mobile advertising has been increasing rapidly, both in volume and value. Over the last three months of 2012, average mobile ad rates increased by