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  • What Is The Journey Of The Road Essay

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    Garden Route was incredible. It stretches for less than 300 km, yet the range of topography, vegetation, wildlife is remarkable: indigenous temperature forest, pine plantations and ‘fynbos’ (thick bush), mountains running alongside rocky coves and beaches, gorges, rivers, lagoons and mountain passes. While tourism may have taken over much of the coast, and tree plantations for commercial use may have taken their toll on the forest and

  • Descriptive Essay On The Beast

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    packed up immediately and began the search. He had arrived in the country three months ago from the millennial land of the Tsars. He was marveled by the green gigantic mountains as he moved patiently towards his destination. He saw the people covered in dark long clothes with no collars or sleeves, but a single hole for their heads to pass through. He stared at the old houses made of mud and manure where more insects lived than people. Dogs wandered these lands trying to protect their owners from invisible

  • I Have A Spy?

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    Dried blood appeared on his lips. He blinked and looked at Faline, a curious mixture of resentment and resignation on his face. Behind his back, bound wrists twisted at the cords. “Where did you find him?” “Skulking near the entrance to Knife Edge Pass. There were three, but only this one survived. They fought quite well.” “Are you a spy?” Faline asked the boy. He ignored her. Drakar grabbed the boy’s hair and twisted it. He winced and cringed, but said nothing. “Speak to the Mistress.” “Go ahead

  • Descriptive Essay : ' Thunder '

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    the disturbance in the pass had disappeared. To avoid being overheard by others riding close by, Larah spoke in low tones to Riasean. “What do you know about getting to the Valley of Eternal Darkness?” “The valley is accessible through the New Moon Gate in the Black Tower of the Citadel. But getting to the gate and using it will be difficult. The Oligarchs of the Citadel keep tight control over access. They have enchanted the entrance so that you must have a ‘Moonstone’ to pass through it. In ages

  • Cheaper To Me

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    Whisper to me, muse, a way to tell this tale. Aid me in my argument as I tell of my adventures. As my crew and I suffered many nights. As we confronted many beasts, and passed through many crises. I have not failed at my own fault, but because of the fault of the fates desire. It is for this reason I ask you for this favor. “Kleovoulos, wise man of the valleys and hills of Rhodes, can you forgive my failure to return the shield of gold. It was beyond my power to accomplish the task, for no amount

  • Summary : ' The Swamp '

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    hour, everyone had mounted their horse. Gall rode over to the gate and raised the portcullis. Slowly the column wound out into the marsh. Some cast furtive glances into the mist, but all followed Gall as he rode toward their destination – Knife Edge Pass. After about an hour of slogging through the mist and marsh reeds, they reached a steep slope, etched by a narrow winding trail, full of cut-backs that climbed precipitously. Proceeding slowly, they picked their way, navigating through loose rocks

  • Persuasive Short Story

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    see them in the cabin. Now get some sleep tonight before we reach our pit stop so you will have some energy tomorrow.” said her mom. “Ok,” Annabelle said as she laid down on the backseat of the car. She watched the nighttime sky filled with stars pass her, as she drifted off to a peaceful sleep. Her dream that night was a weird one. She was in an enchanted forest, but she was lost. The trees glowing, and the sky as bright as the moon. She saw all the animals that lived in the forest come to her

  • Leadership : A Successful Leader

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    skills. I must not only point out and take responsibility for these habits, but it is also important to know how they negatively affect others around me and how I can easily change them with small behavior adjustments. It’s definitely always easier to pass judgement on others

  • Personal Narrative : Being A Glorified Butt Wiper

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    Being a CNA is hard and taxing on people mentally and physically. It a tiresome job that turns most people off from the start. But, I do think joy can be found in this job. Most will say that being a CNA is like being a glorified butt wiper which I mean yes we do wipe butts but there is a lot more to the job then that. There is relationships that are built with the residents and patients that is unique to a CNA. My job is hard and sometimes I just want to throw in the towel. But then there's that

  • Literary Analysis Of Annihilated Time

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    Literary Analysis Annihilated Time Although many may not believe it until it happens to them, time can pass by so swiftly that one won’t even register it at first. Yes, time passing is a part of life, but the realization of it is another story within itself. “Forgetfulness,” a poem by Billy Collins, and an excerpt from “Once More to the Lake” by E.B. White both provide a clear example of how fast time can go by. In Collin’s piece, he puts together many various ideas one can forget as their life