South Carolina Gamecocks

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  • South Carolina Descriptive Essay

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    South Carolina Stepping out of my silver 2008 Nissan Altima, the blistering heat is impossible to ignore. Feeling the moist humidity of the air along with the aggressive beating down of the sun almost immediately draws sweat. A crisp breeze washes over me, bringing forth the aromatic scent of fresh pine. The red dirt road brings an unforgettable memory of wrecking bikes and drifting four-wheelers. Seeing aquatic blue lake house and the large, screened in, cedar wood deck reminds me of the time

  • Carolina College Essay

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    Growing up in South Carolina, there is a lot heard about the Clemson Tigers and the South Carolina Gamecocks. The biggest college football rivalry of the State. There are commercials, billboards, and flyers that advertise the big game every year. The amount of people that show up to the game is incredible. Thousands of people go to watch these college players duke it out to prove that their college is better than the other. The event brings in thousands of dollars, yet what most do not understand

  • Tyranny of Andrew Jackson

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    the Northern economy, who were able to sell more of their products, but detrimental to the South. Because the South simply produced raw goods, it was essential that they imported manufactured goods for their general well being. This tariff not only threatened to reduce the flow of goods from Britain, but the loss of money made it difficult for them to purchase raw materials. Representative of South Carolina and long time foe of Jackson, John C Calhoun spoke

  • Essay on Community Analysis

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    Community Analysis: Lexington, South Carolina Robyn Alford, Kristen Connors, Katrina del Pilar, Allison Gulick, Diana Medlock University of South Carolina The Physical Community Basic Fact Sheet (Lexington, South Carolina Data from, n.d.) Area: Land Area: 5.7 Square Miles. Water Area: 0.1 Square Miles. Area Code: 803 Census Codes (Census 2000): Block Groups: Block Group 1: Census Tract 210.15, Lexington County, South Carolina 772 Persons/Sq Mile Block

  • Essay about C228 Task 1 WGU

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    Foothills of South Carolina, the city of [city/county name], South Carolina is rapidly growing and has become an appealing destination for short-term and long-term visitors. [city/county name] has spectacular natural beauty, southern charm, and unanticipated contemporary sophistication making it alluring to multigenerational and multicultural groups. [city/county name] City is located in the center of [city/county name] County. [city/county name] County is located in the northwest of South Carolina, with

  • Jacksonian Era Essay

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    incompetent members of society to office. Tariffs plagued the president also many times, but the most remembered were the “Tariff of Abominations” in 1828, and the tariff of 1832. South Carolina passed an Ordinance of Nullification, and upset Jackson tremendously. They stated that those tariffs were null and void to South Carolina, and it would be unlawful to collect for duties. They also had the nerve to warn the

  • Essay on Battle of Fort Sumter

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    Sumter is located in Charleston, South Carolina. The fort is in Charleston's harbor. The fort was not even complete when war broke out. This was a big turning point for the United States of America. It separated the north from the south and in some cases it separated families. This war would impact how the United States saw slavery. It is the most deadly war that the United States has every seen in its history. It all began with the secession of South Carolina. After this an understanding was

  • Mission Command During The Carolinas Campaign

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    are executed through decisive action by mean of core competencies and guided by mission command.” My primary research question did Maj Gen William T. Sherman exercised principles of mission command throughout the Carolinas Campaign. This paper will analyze the events of the 1865 Carolinas Campaign, which ended with U.S. forces defeating the Confederate forces. The purpose of this analysis is to determine if Maj Gen William T. Sherman effectively exercised a form of mission command by gaining shared

  • Mary Boykin Miller : An American Diarist And Writer During The Civil War

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    Mary Boykin Chesnut was born March 31, 1823 in Stateburg, South Carolina. She was an American diarist and writer during the Civil War was in session. Her birth name was Mary Boykin Miller, oldest daughter of Mary Boykin Miller and Stephen Decatur Miller. The Miller family was a wealthy owner of a plantation. Plantation had a large farm with resident workers and slaves. Her father was a politician who supported states` rights over the national government and set their own policies and having the power

  • Women During The Civil War

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    What was the South like during the war? Life in the South was more difficult than the North. During the war, the Confederate States of America consisted of eleven Southern states that seceded from the Union in the early 1860’s. In the South, if you owned more than twenty slaves you didn’t have to fight in the war. Fighting for the idea of independence and a way of life based on slavery, many Southerners were for the idea of war. The Union had blockaded many of the ports in the South, which caused