Museum of the City of New York

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  • New York City : Tenement Museum

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    Name: William Rokas Student ID: 20003070 Date Due: 14/10/2014 at 5:00pm New York City - Tenement Museum   Table of Contents Title 1 Table of Contents 2 Introduction – New York City 3 Body: 1. Briefly describe the attraction you have selected (site, size, main markets, ownership, type of experience) and the identify the destination where the attraction is located ..4 2. Explain the destination (type, size, other attractions and services available for visitors, the attraction mix) 5 3. Identify

  • New York City Museum Description

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    New York City, one of the greatest cities of the world, is remarkable because of its history, culture, and diversity. It is world renowned for its skyscrapers, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden, Broadway entertainment, Radio City Music Hall, Central Park, and even restaurants specializing in ethnic foods. However, the thing that most intrigues and excites me about New York City is the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Interestingly, my first visit to the Museum was almost

  • Myrna Loy: A Destination In New York City

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    always happening here. If you're bored in New York, it's your own fault. Upon arrival in New York City, one might be overwhelmed by all of the lights, towering buildings, and activities in the city. New York is an international destination for tourists to experience history, culture, and fashion. When in New York, dining, shopping, and sight-seeing are the most fulfilling and exciting activities to take part in. Of course, there are numerous places in the city to eat snacks and delicious meals. When

  • Descriptive Essay On Museums

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    Many of my happiest childhood memories occurred in museums. From a young age, my mother always reminded me of how lucky I am to live in such close proximity to some of the world’s finest cultural institutions. As a child, my family took many weekend trips to museums in New York City. It was during one of MoMA’s free Friday night promotions that I saw “Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh for the first time in person. As I approached “Starry Night,” I noticed a crowd circled around the painting. However

  • The New York Stock Exchange

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    New York Stock Exchange The stock exchange is a place where individuals or investors can buy and sell shares of stock in any company on the list of exchange. Most people in the United States talk of stock exchange, referring to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). NYSE is the largest in the world with increasing importance of Internet trading, moving more and more from a physical trading floor to a global network of exchanges linked electronically from cyber space (Jill, 2006). Solomon R. Guggenheim

  • Vacationing In New York City

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    Vacationing in New York City can be a fun and exciting time, but the amount of the things to do may seem overwhelming. By knowing what type of activity one would like to experience, it may be easier and more enjoyable in making decision on to see and do. There are many different categories of attractions in New York City, and most fall into that of Art, History, Architecture, and Leisure. New York City boasts deep roots in the world of the Arts. The city is home to Broadway and the New York City Ballet

  • New York City: The Big Apple

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    New York City is the largest city in the United States with a population of approximately 8,104,079. The state of New York alone provides a number of different opportunities. This popular place allows many to enjoy what it has to offer. “The Big Apple,” a nickname given to New York, is acknowledged for many reasons. For instance, Time Square is a very popular area known for its Broadway theaters, cinemas, and electronic billboards. These factors make New York a city that never sleeps. Another

  • comparison of the Met and Guggenheim Essay

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    New York City has been called “the greatest city in the world” numerous times by its own people and visitors to the city. New York is civilization’s greatest world within a city. It gives the overpowering impression of being a magnet and mirror for all of humanity and all that humanity does. For a city so young, New York is home to number of architectural classics. Two of these masterpieces of architecture are the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Guggenheim Museum. Both continue the metaphor of

  • New York City: Diverse Destination In The US

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    New York City is an extremely diverse destination in the US, and is comprised of many differing cultures. Renowned places to visit include the Empire State Building; the National September 11 Memorial and Museum, the Statue of Liberty and the world famous Times Square, there are a huge number of other places to visit in New York. The city is situated on the Hudson River and with a population of over eight million and the most densely populated US city. If you are going to {fly to New York} there

  • City In New York City

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    Every city has more than one story to tell, more than one face to show. In “Mexican Manifesto,” Bolaño’s narrator tells us that “[j]ust as the hidden face of other cities is in theatres, parks, docks, beaches, labyrinths, churches, brothels, bars, cheap cinemas, old buildings, even supermarkets, the hidden face of Mexico City could be found in the enormous web of public baths, legal, semi legal, and clandestine.” Likewise, the hidden face of New York City lies within parks, museums, restaurants,