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  • Description Of My Best Birthday

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    When I have urges ,they're usually to eat a poptart or a bread roll! But when I fought my urges, I thought that I deserved it... but I didn’t. I was getting ready for my birthday. It was 11:50 on December 18 2016. I was turning 10 and I was so excited! I was getting ready watch a special movie but I was getting tired! If I went to bed now, I wouldn’t be able to bask in the glory of my (hopefully) best birthday ever! Becoming a double digit meant I was going to become an adolescent, but I was drifting

  • My Best Birthday Essay

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    there really a yesterday, or was it all just a dream? Will we ever know? Yesterday was my 13th birthday, It was ok. My amazing boyfriend, Cameron, got me a sweater, a perfume, and a bath bomb from Pink! I love him so much and I feel lost without him. I had a beautiful cake that my grandmother made for me and lots of balloons, but I didn’t invite any of my friends except my best friend, Izzie. She is the the best friend I’ve ever had, she is so empowering, trusting, and strong. I love them so much

  • My Best Friend 's 21st Birthday

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    your best friend’s 21st birthday the way that you thought you would spend it? For some reason or another I thought that on her 21st birthday, we would go out to a club and drink until we pass out; however, my best friend id not into any of that. With that in mind, I decided to let her call the shots that day. Whatever she wanted to do that day it would, if it was within reason, be done. The morning of her birthday, and by morning I mean 12 a.m., I was at her house to wish her a happy birthday. We

  • The Journey Of Independence And Independence

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    The Journey to Independence It was 11:54 PM, six minutes before my birthday was officially over. I sat in my darkened bedroom, silent tears streaming down my face, as I waited for a call or text from my friends. It had been my birthday for twenty-three hours and fifty-four minutes, and I had heard nothing from them. I lay in my bed, wondering how this had happened. Before I started high school, I was part of a close-knit group of friends that was nearly inseparable. When freshman year began, however

  • Taviyana's Childhood Observation

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    In my journal, the three situations that have occurred that are emotionally significant to me for the week is whether to allow my sixteen year old granddaughter to drive to school; should I let my granddaughter play basketball; and what to do about Taviyana’s birthday. The first situation is whether to allow my sixteen year old granddaughter drive the car to school before she gets her license to drive. This is important because she has to be sixteen years old to get her license. She sees her other

  • I Am Very Thankful For My Pets Essay

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    thankful for my pets. I have 6 pets altogether. I have two dogs and four fish, my dogs name 's are Shelby and Missy and my fish 's names are Flipper, Ariel, Pearl, and Pinkie. My dogs stay at my house and my fish stay at my grandparents house. This is the first Christmas and Halloween for my fish. My dog Shelby is nine years old and Missy is six years old. My fish will be four months on the 20th of November. My pets birthdays are, Shelby 's is October 8th, Missy 's is July 1st, and my fish 's are

  • 12th Birthday Research Paper

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    MY 12th birthday of 8th grade year was very disappointing. Ever since I was interested in playing instruments the only thing I really wanted to play was the guitar. In 6th grade I told my mom that I wanted a guitar, she told me at that time we couldn’t afford one at the time I had asked for. I understood why with us just moving to Oklahoma and just getting settled into our apartment. Throughout my middle school years around my birthday, I would always ask my mom if we could get one this year. until

  • A Visit At The Georgia Dome

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    Everyone expects their sixteenth birthday to be this grand wonderful event with friends, family, and maybe some cake, but what most don’t expect is to make their eighteenth just as important. Yes, turning eighteen is just as significant as turning sixteen because it symbolizes your transformation from a teenager to an adult, but that is why we celebrate turning sixteen as heavily as we do. My eighteenth birthday truly was a grand event, one where even in my wildest imaginations I never pictured doing

  • My Birthday - Original Writing

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    My eighteenth birthday was probably the worst I ever came to know. I expected so much because in some degree I was grown, in the eyes of the law. I wanted everything to be perfect and everyone to be happy. Clarence, my boyfriend, took me out for lunch. We ended up going to a place where his ex-girlfriend worked. I wasn’t very pleased to see her face and it was very uncomfortable for me to enjoy my meal while I knew she was there. She treated him poorly in their relationship, and then they had something

  • My Birthday Celebration

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    A birthday is a special occasion you celebrate and you make it fun and exciting with all your family and friends but my birthday was quite bizarre. It was memorial day my 16th birthday was supposed to be special and memorable, but that morning I wasn't feeling it I felt like it was just another normal day. That same morning my parents woke me up by singing me the birthday song with my siblings. After they congratulate they told me to get ready because we were going to go to Galveston and celebrate