National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

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  • Case Study: The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children

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    disadvantages with this development. Today, new forms of sexual abuse occur over the Internet and among social network sites. Cyber space has become den for criminals to hide their vices while exploiting the most vulnerable population in the society - the children. A study conducted by University of Zurich (2002) revealed that, sexual abuse is alarmingly widespread in a representative sample of more than 6,000 9th grade

  • Internet Related Abuses And Cyberbullying

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    effects of child abuse, either online or offline. In an effort to help educate children and protect themselves from online abuse and cyberbullying, the NetSmartz Educational Program was established by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC). In addition, the program also

  • From Suffering to Overcoming in the Abduction of Adam Walsh

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    you places you have always feared. What if someone has taken my baby? This scene and other similar to it are far too familiar in our world. An estimated 797,000 children are reported missing in one year, however, only approximately 100 of them are stereotypical kidnappings (Martindale 6). Many times children that are reported missing have either run away or cannot be found for a few hours. Only a handful are taken for ransom and against their own will. The stereotypical kidnapping, which is very

  • Essay about Child Abduction in the United States

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    at your car all to no avail. This is exactly what happened with Reve Walsh, mother of young Adam Walsh. This is her account of what happened from the book, Tears of Rage, written by John Walsh and posted on the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children website. Adam and his mother went to the store to shop for lamps. The store was

  • Amber Alert Essay

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    abductions per year. This would be 11.4 children per every 1,000 children being abducted. Seventy-five percent of abductions are committed by males. Sixty-seven percent of these perpetrators are under the age of twenty-nine. Seventy-four percent of children abducted are girls. Seventy-one percent of the kidnappers are strangers to the victims. Eighty percent of abductions occur within a quarter of a mile from where the child lives. Less than sixty of the children are returned to their families alive

  • The Shortening Leash By Jessica And Hanna

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    due to the world has more potential dangerous such as the increased rate of abduction. Dealing a complicated problem with a very simple violent way may result in a worse impact in the near future. Because of parents excessively protect their own children and outside world is too horrible to play alone, more and more kids lost the opportunity of touching the nature, instead they indulge in the virtual world created by electronic products. In the story “The Shortening Leash”, Jessica and Hanna give

  • Internet Violence And Cyber Bullying

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    programs and services that combat cyber bullying and internet abuses are primarily designed to control and discourage bullying that may take place both online and offline. Anti-bullying programs are also intended to raise awareness of bullying among children, parents and teachers, to increase

  • Missing And Exploited Child Case Study

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    The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s main purpose is to prevent abductions or kidnappings by providing viable information on missing children or adults. Most importantly, the center assists in aiding the victimized families that have dealt with sexual exploitation, kidnapping or abduction. So far, it has been successful, with a 94 percent recover rate which has improving since the 1980s. It is has assisted law enforcement in finding 71,000 out of 87,513 children between the years

  • The Maltreatment Of Children During The 21st Century

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    maltreatment of children in the 21st century is a very major issue. Due to maltreatment, children are running away from home, being trafficked into the sex business, and sometimes, lose their life due to a lack of parental supervision and/or loved ones who care about their well-being. Through volunteering at a missing children’s program with Sam’s Club, I’ve learned first-hand just how detrimental maltreatment in our society can be and how we must do everything in our power to prevent children from being

  • Child Sex Trafficking And Human Trafficking

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    Child Sex Trafficking Have you ever walked into Wal-Mart and taken the time to look at the numerous pictures of missing youth that is plastered on the wall? When looking at how long they have been missing, it ranges anywhere from months to years. Looking at their age, both boys and girls, it’s hard not to wonder if they have been kidnapped and are being trafficked. Child sex trafficking also known as human trafficking is a major issue that is not only plaguing the United States, but also