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  • How Does Shaw Present Eliza's Transformation

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    Shaw’s creation of a romantic play with an atypical ending establishes and presents a sense of reality and honesty not ordinarily found within compositions similar to his. The real world is not full of happy endings, or at least not the expected ones. The Cinderella story of Eliza’s transformation is paralleled by that of a “Frankenstein creation of new life”, or Higgins molding of Eliza and her speech (2). The romance presented in the production is centered on Eliza and her ability to overcome

  • A Comparison Of My Fair Lady And My Fair Lady

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    After reading Ovid’s original myth “Pygmalion and Galatea”, Shaw was disappointed with it and decided to take pen to paper and create his own version of the story, thus Shaw’s Pygmalion was created. The story follows the quest of a young girl, Eliza Doolittle, to transform into a lady because of a bet made by Henry Higgins, a gentleman who is knowledgeable in phonetics. Eliza is successfully able to shape herself into a lady however, the book does not end with happy union of Higgins and Eliza rather