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  • Hooke 's Law And Simple Harmonic Oscillations

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    “Hooke 's law and simple harmonic oscillations” by Mohamed Omer Lab Partners Youssef Farlos Roman Martinaz Jhon Fanque Date performed January 18, 2015 Introduction/ Abstract: Simple harmonic motion is the study of oscillation. An object undergoes oscillation when it experiences a restoring force which restores this object to equilibrium positon. The Simple harmonic oscillation occurs when the net force on an object

  • Determining The Gravity ( G ) On The Period ( T ) Of Oscillation Pendulum

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    the period (T) of oscillation pendulum has a simple harmonic motion (SHM). A stopwatch was used to measure the time taken for 10 complete cycles, which called oscillations. The length of the pendulum was varied for fixed mass and recorded in table 1. The output result for this experiment was agreed with the theory. The graph plotted and got R2=0.99, which was close to the linearity 1. -Introduction: The motion repeats itself at regular intervals is called periodic, oscillation, or simple harmonic

  • The El Nino Southern Oscillation

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    Introduction The El Nino Southern Oscillation is a large scale circulation of atmospheric and oceanic interactions. It is a natural climate phenomenon where the tropical Pacific Ocean experiences higher than normal ocean temperature. The opposite, La Nina, refers to the unusual cooler than normal sea surface temperatures. It gained its name “the Christ child” in Spanish (“the girl” for La Nina) because the characteristic is most obvious around Christmas alone the western coast of South America where

  • Pendulum Lab

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    This could be prevented if the person who is counting the oscillations also times them themselves. Objectives 1. To conduct a lab experiment for the oscillations of a pendulum with a yielding support 2. investigate the simple pendulum 3. To prove that the distance (m) is directly proportional to period.

  • Global Warming As Causes Of El Nino Southern Oscillation Phenomena

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    ESSAY PLAN Global Warming As Causes Of El Nino-Southern Oscillation Phenomena The advancements in various sectors in the life of human beings, which often exploit natural resources without control, directly or indirectly lead to changes in the environment sustained effect unconsciously towards the emergence of a disaster. The other thing is the changes of natural phenomena that occur periodically turned into irregular and even a negative effect on habitat and human life. People unrealized

  • Examples Of A Forced Oscillator

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    is a perfect example of a forced oscillator as the piston oscillates back and forth. The steam engine is a forced oscillator as it is a heavily dampened system that has a force to counter the resistance and keep the piston moving at a constant oscillation until the force is removed from the system. Due to the steam engine being quite heavily damped this oscillator will just simply stop without a force to compensate for the resistance within this system. But this force also has to be applied at

  • Reaction Paper On Hooke's Law

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    constant. I will also be comparing between the 2 different methods that I will be using to determine the spring constant. I have used a static method by measuring the displacement of the spring and a dynamic method by measuring the time taken for 15 oscillations by the spring due to different masses. Hooke’s Law Hooke’s Law states that the stress applied to an object is directly proportional to the strain produced, when within the elasticity limit. The helical spring works based on this

  • Physiology Lab 3 Activity 2 Essay

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    sweating 4) Compare and contrast oscillations in heart rate observed at rest (Activity 1), during exercise and recovery exercise (Activity 2). Is the relative magnitude of the oscillations the same? Provide a physiological explanation in your answer. In the first experiment I was subject 2. For the most part my heart rate did not oscillate too much. My heart rate was a little slower than the other subjects as well. Compared to Activity 2, his oscillations while exercising were a little more

  • What Are Arctic Oscillations?

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    1- What is an Arctic Oscillations? It is an atmospheric circulation pattern of pressure between the Arctic and the Northern middle latitudes. Basically, if the atmospheric pressure is high in Arctic, it tends to be low in the Northern middle latitudes and vice versa. The north atlantic oscillation and arctic oscillation are just a different ways of describing the same phenomenon. 2- Properties/brief differences As I mentioned earlier, those three terms are the same. There are basically two properties

  • Measuring The Load Pattern Of Measuring A Minimum Of Two Lateral Load Patterns

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    In some cases, lateral force shapes result to good approximation of demand displacements. Nevertheless, there has not been found any constant loading for exact approximation of local mechanisms and plastic hinges. Earthquake codes have made it mandatory to use a minimum of two lateral load patterns in nonlinear static procedure. These two load patterns are chosen to cover resulting forces in actual dynamic response of the structure. There are two load patterns which are used mostly in usual studies: