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  • Creative Writing: 12 Galactic Trails

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    I watched the operation on my terminal as I tried my best to remain calm. After each water pod carrying James and his people docked on the Lancer and I was given the sign that all of them were safe, I felt relieved. With such large containers without life supporting equipment and personal supplies in them, there wasn’t need of many water pods to get James and his people on board. Once the pods were emptied, the cleaning program took over and sanitized every square inch of the container. Once that

  • Descriptive Essay On Beauty

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    I had to decorate my head with flowers and was looking exquisite. My father had prohibited me from using scented perfumes. I also did not have slightest of interest in that. I have been brought up in nature. Where does beauty live? Is it in jewelry or clothes, in the body, in soul or in the eye of the beholder? I was wondering. Four chariots named Rug, Yarju, Sam and Atharva were constructed. The great father Brahma sat on Rug. Twayi and Anwikshika were sitting in Yarju. Varta and Niti were in Atharva

  • Essay

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    “With the loss of such a large chunk of the world population, militaries returned to slash and burn methods as they retreated, further damaging the environment. And, the loss of population also meant a decline of workers, which had a devastating domino effect on industry and those manufacturers that supplied the war machines. This resulted in rapidly failing economies throughout the world which then ultimately birthed the complete shutdown of governments, and politicians turning their backs on their

  • Narrative Essay: The Retaliators

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    The year 4847, StarCore47 was working desperately for a attempt to find four Kyper ores, from planet Gliese 4-36B. The command cruiser Fire Part just blasted off the planet's biggest Island, when suddenly “BAM!.” Therefore are story beginnings with four brave souls. “Jackson, get over here!” “What's wrong commander?” replied Jackson “Our stabilizer was just hit by a force more powerful than god himself!” “Commander Gray, we just lost our bluming engine!” exclaimed Jerek. “Dang it, prepare all

  • Technology Used by Ups

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    2. What technologies are used in UPS? Technology has played a large role in UPS’s ability to expand and grow to serve globally in more than 200 countries and territories. UPS relies on several technologies to gain a competitive advantage against rival companies. The company streamlines processes by utilization of bar- code scanning systems, wireless networks, a mainframe computer, a portable computing device, software products and the internets. The technologies uses in UPS are: 1. UPSnet It

  • Avoiding Probate In New Jersey

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    The process of dividing and distributing a person’s assets after death, called probate, can be time consuming and expensive. In order to avoid probate and save their families the hassle of hiring attorneys and waiting months to receive the gifts mentioned in a will, many people structure their estates in a way that circumvents the probate court system. In New Jersey, an experienced estate planning attorney can draft documents which transfer ownership of real estate, bank accounts, or other property

  • Amazon Your Industry: Extracting Value from the Value Chain

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    Amazon Your Industry: Extracting Value from the Value Chain "Way cool" Web sites and measures of "hits" and "eyeballs" are clearly driving revenue in the dot-com world. To date, these metrics have provided the basis for the extraordinary market valuation of the new generation of Web retailers. In the near term, most "e-tailers" must focus on surviving the incubator phase of the Internet retail industry by gaining enough market shares to become a sustainable player. "Efficiency and productivity lie

  • Personal Reflection Paper

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    1. Going into Sauder For someone currently studying at the Sauder School of Business, I am amazed that I got into this school. I have never taken a business course in my life (asides from learning a little about marketing during my yearbook course and from watching television), and my high school curriculum was centered on the sciences. All I knew was accounting since both my parents are accountants; I was also aware of how prospective accountants needed to obtain their Certified Public Accountant

  • Review and Evaluate Supply Chain - Inova Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd.

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    Evaluate and Monitor the company’s Transport Performance - inova Pharmaceuticals pty ltd. Unit: TLIL1907C/TLlL2007C Implement and Monitor Transport Logistic/Develop and Maintain Operational procedures for Transport and Logistics Enterprises- Teacher: Bob Day Prepared by: Ravisanthiran Shanmugarajah Date: 13 June 2012 To: CEO, inova pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd Introduction iNova Pharmaceuticals(Australia ) Pty Limited, develops and markets over-the-counter and prescription medicines. The product

  • What Is Logistics

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    What is logistics? "Logistics means having the right thing, at the right place, at the right time." [pic] Logistics - (business definition) Logistics is defined as a business planning framework for the management of material, service, information and capital flows. It includes the increasingly complex information, communication and control systems required in today 's business environment. -- (Logistix Partners Oy, Helsinki, FI, 1996) Logistics - (military definition) The science of planning