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  • Kater’s Pendulum

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    Kater’s Pendulum Thomas Markovich and Kapil Chhabria Departments of Physics University of Houston Houston, TX 77204-5006 (Dated: December 9, 2010) We experimentally determined the local gravitational constant using Kater’s Pendulum to provide the authors with experience in data analysis. In this manuscript, we rigorously derive the relevant equations from first principles with the appropriate expressions for the experimental uncertainty. We found that by assuming the periods were equal we were

  • Ballistic Pendulum

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    While conducting the ballistic pendulum report you gain a bigger understanding of velocity and momentum. Using the ballistic pendulum, and formulas learned in Physics, one can predict the range of the ball when it is shot horizontally. There are several materials that are used to conduct this experiment including: the ballistic pendulum, a balance, at least one sheet of paper, weights, and a calculator. Firstly, before anything else is done, the mass of the ball needs to be calculated. Using the

  • Pendulum Lab

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    Couva, Trinidad, W.I. Program: National Engineering Technician Diploma Course code: ENSC 110D Class: Petroleum Lab Title: Pendulum with a yielding support Instructor: Mrs. Sharon Mohammed Full time Name: Kirn Johnson Student ID: 58605

  • Pendulum Law In Criminal Justice

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    Elsy Ramirez Professor Fulks ADMJ C101 18 November 2017 The Pendulum Law in Criminal Justice The Pendulum law is a theory that “tends to swing back and forth between opposite extremes” (Pendulum effect). The opposite extremes that tend to swing back and forth in the case of the criminal justice system would be the due process and crime control. Many court cases and incidents with the criminal justice system do show the swinging back and forth between due process and crime control. A landmark case

  • Determining The Gravity ( G ) On The Period ( T ) Of Oscillation Pendulum

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    -Abstract: The aim of the experiment was to determine the gravity (g) on the period (T) of oscillation pendulum has a simple harmonic motion (SHM). A stopwatch was used to measure the time taken for 10 complete cycles, which called oscillations. The length of the pendulum was varied for fixed mass and recorded in table 1. The output result for this experiment was agreed with the theory. The graph plotted and got R2=0.99, which was close to the linearity 1. -Introduction: The motion repeats itself

  • The Effect Of String Length On The Period Of A Pendulum

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    Effect of String Length on the Period of a Pendulum Background information: A pendulum is a bob suspended by a string from a fixed point and behaves in an oscillating manner. When released from an angle away from its equilibrium, it swings side-to-side in a periodic motion. The time it takes to complete one full swing is considered the period and the purpose of this investigation is to discover the effect of the string length on the period of the pendulum. This will be accomplished by recording and

  • Physics Lab Report On Using A Simple Pendulum Model

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    Laboratory report – First Draft Determine the acceleration due to gravity using a simple pendulum Objective The objective of this practical is to determine acceleration due to gravity ‘g’ using the simple pendulum model. This is shown when a period of oscillation is seen to be independent of the mass of the mass ‘m’. Theory A simple pendulum consists of a mass that is attached to a string of length ‘L’ that is fixed to a point, in this case, a cork suspended by a clamp stand. This allows the

  • How Did The Pendulum Clocks Make The World

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    The invention of the pendulum clock played a pivotal role in making the world a more global society. Prior to its invention in 1656, mechanical clocks were extremely inaccurate, making many scientific experiments impossible due to the lack of a consistent way to measure time. Travelers who needed to determine their longitude and latitude, such as explorers of the new world, needed an accurate way to determine time. Watchmaking was considered the pinnacle of technological achievement with only master

  • Fear in The Pit and the Pendulum, by Edgar Allan Poe Essay

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    Or is it a cell? Could it be a tomb? Just when he thinks the cell is so big he finds himself almost falling into a pit. He eats and sleeps again. Where or how will he wake? Does he wake from his drugged food? In this story “The Pit and the Pendulum,” by Edgar Allan Poe, he tells the terrifying struggle of a man dealing with fear, torture, and confinement. In this complete darkness the main character has no idea where he is. Could it be a tomb, or is he in prison waiting to be hanged?

  • Physics : The Back And Forth Motion

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    Introduction In this series of experiments, we examined the back and forth motion. We analyzed the motion of five objects which included a mass attached at the end of a spring, a swinging pendulum, a ball thrown up in the air, a jumping student, and a cart rolling up and down an incline. Using the motion detector and a computer we were able to come up with graphs of position VS time and Velocity VS time from which it was possible to tell where the velocity or the acceleration were maximum, and whether