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  • The History and Importance of the Trebuchet

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    determine the fate of entire empires. Siege engines were some of the most important technological advancements of their time and could drastically sway outcomes of battles. Of the siege engines, the trebuchet played a very influential role in history for nearly two thousand

  • Physics of Catapults Essay

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    The ballista, or "shield piercer," was first developed by the Greeks using the same principles as a bow and arrow. Its primary use was to, as the name suggests, pierce enemy shields, since normal bows lacked the power to do so. Early versions of the ballista include the gastrophetes, which is nothing more than an enlarged bow that can be braced against the users body. As time went on ballistas were

  • Catapults: a History

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    fortifications in siege warfare. A catapult was one of the approximately 10 weapons used in siege warfare during an assault on a castle or fortification. Some other weapons used in both ancient and medieval siege warfare included the well known trebuchet, the classic battering ram, and the siege tower. All of these devices and their relatives were used both in ancient and medieval times in large numbers, and to their users utter enjoyment, and they remained effective for ages, despite an opponent's

  • Physics Of The Catapult

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    at the enemy. These include but were not limited to: stones, sharp wood poles, darts, pots of Greek Fire, quicklime, burning tar, burning sand, dung, dead animals, body parts, and diseased bodies.” (First form of biological warfare utilized the Trebuchet.) Differing catapults fired better suited

  • Catapult Research Paper

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    During the Middle Ages, many weapons were created to help in the winning battles.There was a weapon was the siege engine called a catapult. The term catapult came from the Greek word "katapultos". A catapult was a large machine on wheels with a basket attached to a long wooden arm and a power source for hurling projectiles on the other.The first catapult however was invented around 400 BC in Greek town Syracuse. It was not the type seen so many times at our own wars in today's Society for Creative

  • The Anglo Saxons

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    Saxons were. The Anglo Saxons made many technology development and their culture is very interesting and their stories everyone loves. First while they were not the first ones to try they were the first ones to build a successful trebuchet, catapult, and mortar. The trebuchet is a siege and defense weapon that uses a counter weight and a rope attached to a object. The catapult.ho is a defense weapon because they couldn 't get the height needed to reach over the castle walls. It uses a winch to pull

  • Trebuchet Essay

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    Have you ever wondered how a Trebuchet works, well if you read this you will know. To test a Trebuchet you have to know if the length of an arm on a Trebuchet affects the distance the projectile travels. This is an important question if you like building, figuring out how things work, or physics. Also, understanding how a Trebuchet works can help people learn how to make more advanced machines or weapons. Yes the length of an arm on a trebuchet affects the distance it travels. A longer arm will

  • The Effects of Gunpowder on Warfare Essays

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    The discovery of gunpowder changed war from being fought with medieval weaponry and battle tactics to more modern day weapons and tactics because the gunpowder powered weapons are more deadly. Weapons that use gunpowder to launch projectiles have a greater range than melee weapons and are more powerful than bow and arrows. Also, cannons are more powerful and have a greater range and accuracy than catapults and they also can be reloaded faster than catapults. Gunpowder weapons changed war because

  • Essay On Trebuchet

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    stared towards the damned enemy as divine retribution slowly swung high into the air. The great trebuchet that we fervently constructed over the past two weeks was finally to be tested upon the battlefield. Eighteen feet tall fully erect, the presence of the imposing Goliath was enough to engender considerable fear into the hearts of our adversaries. Still confined to my awkward stance, the trebuchet rumbled tumultuously. First, the counter load was released to find its home upon the ground. Next

  • Trebuchet Research Paper

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    Physics Trebuchet Project Mikayla Stevens Kearsley High School   Abstract Trebuchets are most commonly known as medieval weapons used in the Middle Ages. Us three were to build a smaller scale of the trebuchet and had to make sure it hit the target two out of the five times. We had to build a hinged-counter weight type of trebuchet with wheels that could throw a ping pong or golf ball. Through the paper I will explain the history throughout trebuchets and why to have wheels and to have a hinged