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  • Freshwater Crocodile Essay

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    Freshwater Crocodile The Freshwater Crocodile or Crocodylus Johnsoni is a crocodile from Australia. The nickname of the Crocodile is Freshie. The Freshwater Crocodile live in rivers and at the bank. It look very interesting with a long and thin muzzle, long legs (longer that other legs from crocodiles). The crocodile is brown but the tail and the back has black strip and the stomach is light brown. It live in the McKinlay-River. That river has fresh water therefore has the crocodile the name. The

  • A Story Of A Short Story

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    Suddenly everything was doused with bright color. Noise tore through the air leaving a lasting sound of a artificial ocean and sweet aboriginal music. People were ubiquitous, all seemed to be gazing at the spectacle. “Wouldya look at that Deage”. I woke up in my hotel room that was in the old post office building of Sydney. I got up out of the silky white bed to look out the window, it was just about my height I forgot I could barely see out of it due to the stone bars in the way. The street was

  • The Sander's Home-Personal Narrative

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    It was a warm summer evening in California. The Sanders’ were enjoying one of their last meals together as a family before school started back up again. As the Sanders’ chowed down on flavorful pot roast, Todd shared very exciting news for the family. “Since we recently purchased a new private jet, and summer is almost over, your mother and I have decided to take a family trip to Australia!” exclaimed Todd. The Sander’s were a rich family who lived in a rich neighborhood, and in a big house. They

  • Descriptive Essay About Tourism

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    Sydney is the most populated city in the country of Australia. Located on the coast of the Tasman sea, Sydney’s beaches are one of the numerous tourist attractions that the destination has to offer. The great infrastructure of the Opera house and Harbour Bridge and natural beauty present in Sydney’s beaches and National Parks makes it an ideal destination for tourists near and far. Since hosting the 2000 Olympic games, Sydney has had the opportunity to host numerous major events and offer convention

  • Stage 3 Class: National Syllabus For Science

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    The lesson that was taught to a Stage 3 class was part of a unit on Built Environments. It was a design and make task from directions given by the teacher. The task itself was to foster scientific inquiry as specified by the National Syllabus for Science. The NSW Board of Studies (2012) states: Scientific inquiry is a distinct way of finding answers to interesting questions and solutions to important problems… The NSW Board of Studies (2012) states: Scientific knowledge provides explanations for

  • Toxic Dioxins In Australia

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    The Parramatta River is located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. According to the Parramatta River Catchment Group (2016), it has around 19km in length, 220km of waterways in its catchment and 257 km2 of catchment area. His estuary covers 12km2, is influenced by tidal movements, is in a constant state of flux, the freshwater from the river’s tributaries change the chemical composition of the water on a daily basis and it takes 3 to 4 months to completes water exchange. The pollution of Sydney

  • Economic Impact On Australia's Economy And Society

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    The changing land use via the construction of the new Crown Resort in Sydney harbour yields a majority of negative implications on the environment, Australia’s economy, and society. The effect on the environment, including air and water pollution, and the deconstruction of the working harbour, is detrimental to health and well being. The social implications include the effect on gamblers’ individual lives and the lives of social housing occupants, as well as the impact casinos have on Australia’s

  • Icd Inland Container Depots

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    Infrastructure needs and innovative methods in logistics management are growing hand in hand with the International trade needs. Ports these days mainly act as gateways and cater to the hinterlands of India which are now serviced by the advent of ICDs. ICDs thus generate business opportunities, general employment and global competitiveness of the local industry. Need for ICDs Ports and harbors, due to inherent structural and procedural constraints, cannot accommodate the increased traffic in containerized

  • A Welcome Letter Of President Obama And Secretary Foxx

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    President Obama and Secretary Foxx, it is an honor to be here this morning and to welcome you to the United States. It is truly a pleasure for the Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration to host this APEC Port Services Network Workshop in one of America’s greatest port cities: Seattle, Washington. It is very fitting that we chose this location for our engagement. Seattle’s waterfront and harbor played central roles in this city’s transition from a tiny frontier settlement supporting

  • The Plan Change Through Tainui Group Holdings Limited And Chedworth Properties Limited

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    growth hub and port facilities, due to the access between ports of Auckland and Tauranga (Tainui Group Holdings 2016). This area is located within the urban rural fringe, across 822-hectare (refer to Figure 1). Due to this location, urban development is prohibited within the area, according to the operative district plan rules. This develops the issue of the plan change through Tainui Group Holdings Limited and Chedworth Properties Limited aiming to proceed with development of the inland port in this area