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  • Essay on Thomas Herzog’s Private House in Regensburg

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    The Private House in Regensburg was built in 1979, which is Thomas Herzog’s own home; one can declare that he is the client and designer himself thus fulfilling his own needs or desires for the site. The house demonstrates particular principles of energy efficiency, making it an early eco-home. This can be shown by the use of local materials, or taking advantage of the site for characteristics like protection and aesthetics. Thomas Herzog was born in during World War 2 (1941), in Munich, Germany

  • The Commanalities of Plan and Form in Thomas Herzog's Private House in Regensburg

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    The Private House in Regensburg was built in 1979, is Thomas Herzog’s own home; one can declare that he is the client and designer himself thus fulfilling his own needs or desires for the site itself, is referred to as ‘his Wohnhaus in Regensberg (1979), with its steep, ground-sweeping pitched roof, is content to get its summer shading from the tree canopy above’. (Rattenbury, et al., 2004) Throughout this essay I will analyse Thomas Herzog’s House at Regensburg explaining the commonalities of

  • Jersey Street : A Neighborhood Area And The Twilight Zone

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    Distinctive residential areas occur through housing types, 87% of houses on Jersey street are terraced houses, this is due to the position of Jersey Street on the bid rent curve model. Of the three roads we are analysing, Jersey Street is the closest to the CBD. Because of this the competition for land and space is high, leading to high land values. Jersey Street has the smallest houses of the three streets, with little or no garden space, this is due to the competition for space in the inner city

  • Characteristics Of Communities And Housing Over The City

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    It does not make a difference if the house is a cottage or a mansion, for whatever length of time that no dividers of the structure are associated with another abiding, the house stays to be a segregated house. (Tradesman, 2011) A “semi-detached” is a couple of housing units that shares one normal divider. The two houses are built to reflect one another. Interestingly enough, this sort of lodging is known as duplex in different

  • Historical Context Of Le Corbusier

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    When considering the cultural and social aspects of a building, one must study the historical context of its construction. In the 1920’s, European architecture was beginning to integrate traditional elements with the new social demands for modern technology. Although many architects and engineers were involved, Le Corbusier was the French architect who people today believe led this architectural revolution in Europe. Few are aware of the fact that Pierre Chareau also played a significant role in

  • Essay On Traditional Terenggang Kampong House

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    Traditional Terengganu Malay kampong house consider as vernacular architecture that highly respond to the context. Due to Malaysia context and climate, the design of Malay Kampong house tend to focus more on how to shade the house from hot sun and also how to let the house naturally ventilated. Previous Malay builders built their housing to serve basic needs as a shelter, then later become a symbolism of family status. Traditional builders built their houses using materials they found on site, and

  • Housing Is Categorized Under Basic Commodities

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    experience shortage of affordable housing, economics continue to debate on the necessity of government intervention in the issue. Housing affordability may result to stress in situations where people strain to meet the cost of simple yet suitable houses. Naturally, people are supposed to spend a mere 20% of their income on housing. However, people in Australia spend more than 40 percent of their income on housing. This means that people do not retain enough money to cater for other basic needs such

  • Analysis Of A Quick Nap

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    punctures the roof below. The fire escape became more than an emergency exit in a burning building. It is used for everything from outdoor to dining to sleeping and gardening, opening up the home to the surrounding city like a “porch in the sky” or “private get-away”. I gazed at the little girl in the foreground; the reflecting glass in the mid-ground, and the evening sky in the background. The painting is sized at about 24 inches by 30 inches. While observing this painting, several questions came

  • Social Housing Sociology

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    1 Introduction and Context of Study 1.1 INTRODUCTION This study will assess the ability of the Private Rented Sector (PRS) taking on the responsibility of housing homeless people especially families, as the number of homeless families in the UK is on an increase. In a newspaper article by The Guardian, June 2015 states official data published by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), which revealed that there are 48,880 families in England living in temporary accommodation

  • Levittown Experiment Essay

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    architectural designs that were hallmark of most of Victorian style villas and bungalows and yet produce houses on mass scale, in quick time and provide them for sale at most affordable prices. His aim was to construct the best houses at least cost to provide most economical housing. The fact was that Levitt had successfully fulfilled the demands and dreams of many Americans of owning their own house. To fully appreciate the significance of Levittown, it must be seen in context of the great