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  • Proton Company Case Study

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    problems faced by Malaysian Automotive Industry is reputation. For many years Proton car is always being branded as a cheap and below par car manufacturer. Due to this unwanted reputation, consumers are sceptical about Malaysian cars where it does not guarantee any assurance. Since Proton was formed in 1985, Proton managed to breakthrough in domestic and international market as an affordable car. But over the years, Proton has compete aggressively with other automotive manufacturers due to localization

  • Ous Said..

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    market? Overall - 2008 is just around the corner, this is the time when the extension granted to PROTON for AFTA comes to an end and the market goes thru another shake-up. The future is very difficult to predict now that regulations are about to be loosened. Here is a possible scenario of the future: 2008 - tariffs are brought down to 5% - Industry sales slump to the lowest point in history. PROTON management scrambles to do last minute methods to halt declining sales -massive promotion and discounting

  • Pricing Strategy Of Proton

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    manufacturers in Malaysia, the portfolio of Proton models includes Saga, Wira, Waja, Gen.2, Persona, Savvy, Exora, Satria Neo and Perdana. The product strategy of Proton is to introduce the right car, for the right market, at the right place and at the right time. After the acquisition of Lotus, Proton adopts Mitsubishi and Lotus automobile technology to improve the consumer confidence towards Proton’s products and the quality of the automobiles. Proton has always strived to produce innovative products

  • roseflakes Essay

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    Faculty of Accountancy, Finance & BusinessBachelor of Business (Honours) in Marketing BBDT3063 Integrated Marketing Communications Year 3 SEM 1 Individual Assignment Title: Proton Iriz (Commercial Advertisement) Tiger D’Sara (Print Advertisement) Name : ONG WEI KEAT 13WBR12285 Tutorial Group : RMK Group 6 Tutor’s Name: Mr Lim Chin Hock Date of Submission : 31 October 2014 Plagiarism Statement Faculty of Accounting, Finance & Business Plagiarism Statement Read, complete and

  • The Theory Of The Atom

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    The atom, a constituent particle of a molecule, affects every aspect of life. The theory of the atom is a phenomenon that has occupied the minds of many scientists, who implemented their knowledge and wisdom into experiments. The Ancient Greeks were the first known to discover the existence of the atom. Throughout history the definition of an atom has been changed, added to, and reconfigured, to what we know today. Democritus was the first who suggested the mere existence of the atom. Democritus

  • The Physics Of The Atomic Theory

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    Matter is anything made up of atoms and molecules and the study of these “things” called atoms dates back to the time of Ancient Greece to the present. The information about atoms known today is certainly much greater than what was known centuries ago. First, there were only hypotheses on this idea that everything in the world is made up of tiny, unseeable particles. As technology advanced, these hypotheses were tested, critiqued, modified, and built upon. A mass of knowledge is known regarding atoms

  • Questions and Answers on Ernest Rutherford Essay

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    be true? How does it compare to today's understanding? Ernest was forced to discard JJ Thomson's Plum Pudding model, he reasoned that the mass of an atom was concentrated in a nucleus. He thus developed the model of the atom which put all the protons in the nucleus and the electrons orbited around the nucleus like planets around the sun. The only difference with today's model is that electrons are now thought to be in electron clouds not in specific orbits. Which scientists model was before

  • Biology 108 Worksheet Essay

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    substance that can’t be broken down into substances with different properties. Atom is the smallest part of an element that displays the properties of the element. 13. What are the subatomic particles and what is the electrical charge of each? Protons (positively charged), Neutrons (electrically neutral), both found in the Nucleus of the atom & Electrons (negatively charged). Where in the atom is each of these particles found? In the orbital (Electrons) 14. Which two types of bonds join

  • Hydrogen and Fuel Cells: Renewable Resources

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    fuel for many solar reactions. The hydrogen that is in our atmosphere has three different isotopes and they are called protium, which has one proton, then deuterium, which has one proton and one neutron. Then the third is tritium, which has one proton and two neutrons. Now if your wondering what protons and neutrons are, then you came to the right place. A proton is sub atomic particle with a positive charge found in the nucleus of an atom. A neutron is a sub atomic particle with a negative

  • Essay on Ernest Rutherford and The Gold Foil Experiment

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    Ernest Rutherford was a New Zealand born British physicist who is famously known for “splitting the atom.” His work on the gold foil experiment contributed greatly to the model of the atom and helped develop the standard model of the atom to what we now use today. Without his contributions we would still be using the Plum Pudding model, an out dated and incorrect model, and we would have less of an understanding of how atoms form the world around us. Before Rutherford’s Geiger-Marsden experiment