Quantum tunnelling

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  • Essay On Gas Sensor Technology

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    Gas sensor technology is very appreciating in industries and defense since it possesses high sensitivity in gas detection. The most important challenges in transportable devices are sensitivity, selectivity, durability and low power consumption. To solve the selectivity problems, GBISs have been introduced. These latter are able to identify unknown gas’ ionization breakdown voltage. To reduce the breakdown voltage CNT-GBISs are employed [6]- [12] while others studies used MWCNT with a reduction of

  • Physics : Physics And Physics

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    In short, quantum mechanics is ‘a mathematical framework that plays a huge role in modern physics and chemistry’. It was interpreted in many ways, however the Copenhagen Interpretation was the most widely held view, largely developed by Danish physicist Neils Bohr who worked in Copenhagen. The framework can be applied to different scientific phenomena and can be used to investigate the behaviour of the building blocks of the universe, all elementary particles. The complex mathematics is useful for

  • An Inside Look at Superconducting Qubits Essay

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    Superconducting Qubits Introduction and Background The quantum computation has remarkably improved since the use of quan- tum algorithms that have a run time which is exponentially faster compared to classical algorithms. Implementation of theory for practical computation presents various technological and scientific challenges. It is required that the Qubits be entirely free from external noise while at the same time they need to be strongly coupled amongst themselves using gates for computa-

  • Casino Royale Essay

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    Daniel Craig’s new James Bond in Casino Royale breathes fresh life into what had become, in my opinion, a rather tired and worn out concept - a striking achievement, considering Casino Royale was Ian Fleming’s first novel in the series, written in 1953. We encounter Bond as a fledgling British agent, yet to gain MI6 double-0 Status, with its ‘licence to kill’. The film strikes me as being more violent than previous Bond films, showing him cleaning up after the action - indeed, some of his injuries

  • What are Semiconductor nanocrystals?

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    Quantum dots (QDs) also known as, semiconductor nanocrystals which are bright, photo stable flurophores that have a broad excitation spectrum but a narrow Gaussian emission at wavelengths controllable by the size of the material. It can be synthesized in many ways like Epitaxial growth modes such as Vander Merve, Volmer-Weber, and Stranski-Krastanow are layer by layer methods of synthesizing quantum dots on a crystal substrate. Newer methods used to produce colloidal quantum dots give better control

  • The Subatomic World of Quantum Mechanics

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    Quantum Mechanics The Quantum Mechanics are weird, yet incredibly powerful theory of the subatomic world, in which everyday concepts to do with the forces and motion are seen in a different perspective, as they do not longer apply in the same way. This calls for a new type of mechanics based on what scientists call "quantum" rules. Quantum mechanics are a very complicated matter that scientists don't fully understand yet; they are in charge of studying the smallest faces of our world. The idea

  • A Very Brief Biography of Albert Einstein

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    To become a scientist is not an easy path. You start from zero and have to start making people believe in you. That is one of the hardest task you have to do as a scientist but along come other task. You have to go through a lot of experiments and trial and error. People may start believing your thoughts and equations. The fact that they believe them does not make you a scientist until you can prove your theory. Albert Einstein for decades had the best thoughts but was not consider a scientist until

  • The Italian People, Culture and Cities in Movies, Questions and Answers

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    (1) How do the films discussed link the concepts of ‚crime’ and ‚travelling’? What makes travelling such an interesting phenomenon within the crime genre? Please also refer to the narrative structure of crime films. Travelling has used to be an activity that entirely differs from our everyday life, an escape in order to find authenticity. Travelling forces people from their comfort zones and lead to new emotions, new actions, new perceptions, acquired through the prism of another reality. For a long

  • Essay on Application for Graduate Program in Electronics

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    One of the biggest influences in my childhood was my uncle. He was an amateur ham radio operator and a dedicated electronics hobbyist. This was in the mid 1990s-India, where specialized electronic systems were prohibitively expensive, leading to growth of homebrew culture. I used to sit in his room every evening and observe with wonder, as he operated his homebrew radio setup, building strong connections with people across vast distances. His room which also served as his workshop, was stuffed with

  • An Adventure of the Quantum Universe in Alice in Quantumland by Robert Gilmore

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    The novel, Alice and Quantum Land, by Robert Gilmore is an adventure in the Quantum universe. Alice, a normal teenage girl, goes through quantum land and understands what quantum is and how it works. The quantum world is a difficult one to understand, as its nature is one of complex states of being, natures, principles, notions, and the like. When these principles or concepts are compared with the macro world, one can find great similarities and even greater dissimilarities between the world wherein