Male And Female Rapper Through Their Music

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Male vs. Female rapper through their music Rap music is really popular to us, young people, and sometimes adults, too. In my opinion, I think that rap is a way to allow all of the rappers to express themselves, their voices, their experience, and their feeling from their life. And in some other people opinion, they also describe rap music as the story or the voice of the streets. According to a music articles “The birth of Rap: A Look Back” from website, rap music was born and began to develop in the middle of year 1970s. They are firstly formed and played by the Black communities, and then slowly spread out to the world. In rap world, at first they are only male rappers who use music to express themselves and their pain towards the world. Then, women also began to rap to be able to express their thoughts more and more. Female and male rapper are sharing the same purpose of express themselves through their song but they are different in the way they use their lyrics, the subject they choose to rap on and the feeling they express to their fans and their songs’ listeners.
Female and male rappers are separate themselves when they come to choose their lyrics to rap. I would say that female rappers are most likely less using negative words to describe thing or someone else than the male rappers. According to the article “From Fly-Girls To Bitches and Hos” by Joan Morgan, she stated that male rapper is usually use the word “Bitches” and “Hos” when they describe black
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