Religious cults

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  • Religious Cults - A Threat to Society? Essay

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    Religious Cults - A Threat to Society? On November 18, 1978, in a cleared-out patch of the Guyanese jungle, Reverend Jim Jones ordered the 911 members of his flock to kill themselves by drinking a cyanide potion, and they did. It seems cultists were brainwashed by this megalomaniac Jones, who had named their jungle village after himself and held them as virtual slaves, if not living zombies. Jones himself was found dead. He'd shot himself in the head, or someone else had shot him. Is it plausible

  • Religious Cults Being Manipulative, Abusive And Exploitative Exploitive

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    Religious Cults being manipulative, abusive and exploitative exploitive Cults are developing and flourishing, as they cause a profound suffering to many individuals. Many individuals close-mindedly follow religious Cults, thus Religious cults tend to hinder their true reality in terms of their aberrant philosophy. Religious cults are the parasites among religious institutions feeding on the insecurity of their members by being; manipulative, abusive and exploitative.

  • The Religious Cult Of Cults

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    Most of our thoughts about cults today are often a misconception of ideas that derive from our imagination. Practices that resemble a strange ritual or ceremony would certainly be fitting. Most of our culture could potentially spot a religious cult if the anomalies, or strange behaviors were evident. This simply is not a good way to identify cults today though. These groups are no longer apparent to the naked eye. Their systems of religious veneration and highly devoted groups blend in with our everyday

  • Religious Cult Research Paper

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    shown religious cults to be a form of devil worshipping or pagan rituals. The reality is there are a multitude of religious cults ranging in varying numbers of followers. All of them are potential dangerous, and can cause consequences for the followers of their cult. Following a religious cult leads to a dependence towards its teachings, conducting a cult’s practices, and affecting society. The most potent impact a religious cult can have on an individual is a dependence towards the cult and its

  • Radical Cults: The Radical Religious Movement

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    Radical religious groups, more specifically cults, have been terrorizing societies across the globe for many centuries with many more to go. Why do these groups feel the need to despise those who differ from their beliefs both intellectually and physically? Is it because they view the various texts of their religions to be comprehended 100% literally? Or is it just that these radicalists use their religions as an excuse for their prohibited behaviors? Either way these doings are becoming more

  • Religion on the Internet Essay

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    The cult "teaches" a person how to know with certainty, so those who ascribe to its world-view exist in a completely different reality than the rest of society."(alt.religion.scientology) This is the starting paragraph for the site titled, "Cult Think" which talks about how a cult brainwashes a person into their beliefs. As it is stated above these people are living in a totally fake world in

  • Heaven's Gate: A Colossal Failure Essay

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    Throughout history, there have been many instances of cults, many of which share the common characteristic of having corrupt leaders. For instance, Charles Manson led his cult in a homicidal spree, and David Koresh and Jim Jones convinced their followers to commit mass suicide. It is apparent that in cult history, leaders are the main cause of the tragedies that ensue. Heaven’s Gate, a religious cult, was founded on a mixture of Christian beliefs and a belief in UFOs. They stayed out of the public

  • Cults: The Four Factors Of Mind Control

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    A cult is relatively a small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister. The elements of a cult focus on four major factors of mind control such as Behavior Control, Information Control, Thought Control, and Emotional Control. According to the video uploaded by aperi mentis and written by Steven Hassan stated that: Behavior Control constant reminding of the authority of the leader, obedience is the most important teaching just believing but don’t

  • Cults Essay

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    Cults have become a phenomenon in our world today. Each year "hundreds of Canadians join some of the 3,000 unorthodox religions of one type or another" (Fernell, Branswell, 189) all across North America. Like every organization, club or even in the common work place there is usually a person who is a figure of authority or other wise know as a "leader" and with every leader there are always rules and objectives that each and every member has to do and follow. The common psychological

  • Managing Cultism in Tertiary Institutions

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    MANAGING CULTISM IN TERTIARY INSTITUTIONS BY SULAIMAN ABDULLAHI KARWAI, Ph.D, fmca, mnim, mimc, DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AHMADU BELLO UNIVERSITY, ZARIA. Abstract Importunate secret cult activities have created a culture of fear and turned many tertiary institutions into centres of violence, where Fear, anxiety and insecurity of lives and properties are the order of the day. These scenarios have resulted in poor learning, poor performance and low academic attainment. The objective