Riding the Bus with My Sister

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  • Analysis Of Riding The Bus With My Sister By Rachel Simon

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    Rachel Simon is the author of six books; The Story of Beautiful Girl, The House On Teacher's Lane, Riding The Bus With My Sister, The Writer's Survival Guide, The Magic Touch, and Little Nightmares Little Dreams. In 2005, Hallmark Hall of Fame adapted Riding The Bus With My Sister for a film by the same name. It starred Rosie O'Donnell as Rachel's sister Beth and Andie MacDowell as Rachel, and it was directed by Anjelica Huston. Rachel is one of the only authors to have been selected twice for the

  • Review Of Rachel Simon's Riding The Bus With My Sister

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    Reading through Rachel Simon's Riding the Bus with My Sister, I consistently felt that Beth fit the mold of a secondary character rather than a primary one. I initially thought I had interpreted it this way considering I was expecting Beth to be the focal point of the text, what with the disability-based memoirs we have been reading, but my hesitation regarding such an assumption faded as I continued reading. As the text progresses, it becomes more and more clear that Beth’s presence is meant to

  • Personal Narrative: The Real High School

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    like a child. It was my first time catching the RTA to and from school. I didn’t know anyone on the west side, let alone at my new school. A couple days before school my mother showed me the route to school; we took the RTA to the school and back so that I could see where my stops were. Even though I was shown the route, I tend to get lost pretty easy so, you could imagine that I didn’t like riding the bus. When I got out of school I went to the bus stop to wait for my bus, the 86, and it never

  • My Dad : The Memories Of Losing A Family

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    When I was 5 my dad died after being diagnosed with brain cancer. Ever since then it has affected my family in great ways. But undeniably, the one who my dad’s death hit the least hard is me. I might sound like I’m preaching here, but I believe what really hurts about losing a family member is losing the bond you have with them. Because I was four when Dad died, I don’t even know what exactly it is I lost. I’m sure growing up without a dad has affected me dramatically, but what I can’t say for sure

  • Narrative Essay On Snow Day

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    Anyways my mom wasn’t able to take us to school that day because she had work early in the morning so Nicki walked to school and Madi and I went to a friend’s house where we could ride a bus to school. I hated riding that smelly bus. It was just too bumpy and noisy and I always hit my head on those tiny bolts that framed the window. Later on that morning, I continued my ritual school day. I stuffed my ugly puffy winter coat in my little locker, but it was just always so annoying when my mom made

  • Argumentative Essay About Public Transportation

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    It was a summer morning and I boarded the bus alone for the first time. I was not on the school bus, but rather the RTA. I was one of the first people on the bus, and I sat in a comfortable blue seat halfway down the center aisle. My first RTA experiences started when I was a young boy, with my parents of course, but this past summer I rode alone on my way to Saint Ignatius High School for a summer camp. I learned how to navigate the city of Cleveland and how to use the convenient public transportation

  • Personal Narrative : California Screamin In Disneyland

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    because we were in the line of California Screamin in Disneyland. After a few minutes a idea came to my mind and it was to play tennis with my Cousin and Uncle which were in line with me. Smack the first hit made my hand red but it wasn’t over my Uncle wanted to vs me to. I waited a few minutes to let my hand rest then I decided to vs Chris. “Ouch!” I yell. “Haha” my Uncle laughs at me. Smack!!, I hit my Uncle’s hand and he didn’t even budge but after a few matches we found are way to the guy checking

  • The Drive To Memphis Short Story

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    long, and dreadful. I endured a full day of nothing but sitting on a bus. I couldn't wait to finally get to Memphis! I had never been to Tennessee, and I was full of excitement like a bee that spotted a beautiful flower. All the way down there all I could think about was all the different sceneries I was going to see. Everywhere traveled was a new experience, and I was beyond excited to take on this one. When I first got on the bus I could feel the excitement in the air. Classmates were laughing and

  • Memories To Play Basketball

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    basketball with my brother and cousins. I wanted to play but I know I could not play basketball. Also they would only allow boys to play with them. I remember standing under the goal as they were shooting the ball through the net. I was thinking they would not try to make the basket. Boy was I wrong; they continue to shoot the basketball. The ball would go through the net and bounce off of my head. My brother and cousins thought that was so funny. After a few minutes of the ball bouncing off of my head I

  • My Experience In My Life

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    I don't consider myself a Good Samaritan or even a role model but I do take 5 day out of my life in a whole year to help kids with many types of disabilities including my little sister. Every year I volunteer at Kamp Dovetail in June, we sleep in a tent every night outside in the blistering heat and unpredictable weather. Every day we get up at 7 am and start our day off with breakfast, which many different sponsor donate, we then proceed to group time where we talk about our fun filled activities