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  • Descriptive Essay : Orange, A Beautiful Color

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    The One What if I told you something so simple and quotidian was actually complex and completely riveting. To most people orange is just an occurrence between the red and yellow spectrum. Maybe an orange is what you have in a bowl on your kitchen counter, patiently waiting to be picked as a snack. Orange is not so simple or mundane as many may believe. At a very young age I despised orange, the color as well as the fruit. The color reminded me of an unfavorable rusty wrench. The fruit itself was

  • Antibacterial Properties of Essential Oils Essay

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    medicine for treatment of bacterial infections. The tests of antimicrobial activity and the MIC assays showed promising results that fresh citrus fruit juices are good in killing bacteria. (Bansode.DS et al., IRJP 2012) Lemon is one of the Family Rutaceae. It is prepared primarily for its alkaloids, which having anticancer activities and the antibacterial properties. (Kawaii et al., 2000) Antimicrobial potential of the citrus peel extract is directly concerned with the components that they have. The

  • It’s Like Apples and Oranges

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    The idiom “It’s like apples and oranges” has been around for a long time. When uttered it is meant to say that two things are so different that there is no basis for comparison. For example, “Even though they are twins, Mike and Bob are like apples and oranges, they never agree on anything”. Are Mike and Bob really so different? If so, is there truly no basis for comparison? Much like Mike and Bob, apples and oranges may have more in common than the person who would utter such a comment

  • Growing National Demand for Herbal Material

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    Results of a survey carried out in 2000 showed that there were 104 Ayurvedic Drug Production Units in the country, using herbal materials valued at Rs. 176 million of which 68% is currently met by local supply. The national demand for herbal materials was 3,864,759 kg and approximately 1,509,201 kg of this amount was imported to meet the national demand at a cost of about Rs. 13 million (IUCN, 2001). Total requirement of certain Medicinal Plants are completely imported where the department of Ayurveda

  • The Importance Of Coumarin

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    systematic name is 2H-1-benzopyran-2-one (2), (I). The name of coumarin comes from a French word coumarou. It is alarge class of natural extract products, it is considered secondary metabolites in many higher plants species, exists especially in Rutaceae and Umbrelliferae plants. It was also found in tonka bean . Coumarin plays an important role in regulation of plants growth and metabolites .(3) Coumarins have important effects in plant biochemistry and physiology, as they act as antioxidants ,

  • How China Has The Richest Woody Plants Of 95 Families

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    Zhang ,Jian Xin (2005) summarized that China have the richest woody plants of 95 families,338 genera and 1128 species. Kucuk and Erturk (2013) surveyed Protected Areas in Turkey reported that flora and fauna are very rich with a high endemism and wider genetic diversity with more than 90000 species including flora and fauna which cover approximately 9500 vascular plants, 4000 lower plants. Shrestha (2003) presented an appraisal report on Oaks in Himalayan region which are evergreen, mostly

  • Reaction Paper For Dengue

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    Mosquitoes can transmit a bigger number of illnesses than other variants of arthropods and have an impact on a large number of human population all throughout the world. WHO has declared that mosquitoes are the “public enemy number one” (Geneva, 1996). Dengue is a mosquito-transmitted disease created by the virus itself. It is transmitted by many types of mosquitoes on the Aedes genus, essentially Aedes Aegypti. The Department of Health (DOH) said, the quantity of dengue cases in the Philippines

  • Calamansi and Onion

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    CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE Foot odor is a disease which is scientifically known as bromhidrosis- sweaty and smelly feet. While neither painful nor contagious, foot odor causes unmitigated social suffering to those who are burdened with it.  Under normal conditions each of your feet produces half a pint of sweat by means by means of some 20,000 sweat glands.  In most people, this perspiration evaporates.  In people with bromhidrosis, however , more sweat is produced, and it doesn’t evaporate

  • Vitamin C Content

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    OBJECTIVE  To investigate the vitamin C content of different fruit juices.  To identify which fruit juices has higher vitamin C content and the lowest vitamin C content.  To determine the standard curve of vitamin C based on percentage of vitamin C.  To differentiate between fresh juices and carton juices.  To consider the reliability and validity of the results. PROBLEM STATEMENT Which type of fruit juices has the most vitamin C content? HYPOTHESIS  The smaller the amount of the fruit juices

  • Plant Disease And Control Strategies For Plant Diseases Essay

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    ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY PLANT DISEASE AND CONTROL STRATEGIES FOR PLANT DISEASE OF A SELECTED CROP CITRUS CANKER Malvika 8/14/2015   ABSTRACT This topic presents disease of plant. The name of the disease is citrus canker which is bacterial disease. Firstly, Citrus Canker, cancrosis A, brought about by Xanthomonas campestris pv. citri, is a damaging problem of such products as grapefruit, sweet orange and tangelo. In any case, satsuma mandarin