Sertoli cell

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  • A Brief Note On The And Its Effects On The Middle Upper, Lower, And Mid Portions

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    0.03% immediately before use. Finally, the sections were rinsed with PBS and the slides were counterstained using two drops or 100 μL of haematoxylin. The slides were later washed in distilled water until the sections turned blue. Finally, the slides were dehydrated in ascending grades of ethanol (70%, 95%, and 100%) for 5 min each, cleared in xylene, followed by mounting with Histomount and a coverslip. 2.6. Quantitative assessments For quantitative histopathological assessment, three sections per

  • Spermatogenesis

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    is the process by which male primordial germ cells called spermatogonia undergo meiosis, and produce a number of cells termed spermatozoa. The initial cells in this pathway are called primary spermatocytes. The primary spermatocyte divides into two secondary spermatocytes; each secondary spermatocyte then divides into two spermatids. These develop into mature spermatozoa, also known as sperm cells. Thus, the primary spermatocyte gives rise to two cells, the secondary spermatocytes, and the two secondary

  • Procedures for Testicular Biopsy

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    Biopsy procedure Samples were blinded for the ICSI laboratory examiner. For all patients, open surgery biopsy was applied to retrieve specimen of sperm. At the beginning of open biopsy, the skin over the testicle was cleaned with a germ-killing (antiseptic) medicine. The area around covered with a sterile towel. (As like what was done in onset of local anesthesia.) The testis was grasped between the thumb and forefinger of the non-dominant hand. An incision was then made over the same area immediately

  • Seasonal Changes Within Reproductive Behavior

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    Jillian Greenwood ADS 4613 10-24-2016 Seasonal changes in reproductive behavior and spermatogenesis in the stallion Horses are polyestrous, seasonal breeders with mid-summer foaling and mating seasons in late spring. Breeding occurs when the mare experiences photoperiod, which is the exposure to daylight within a 24 hour period. As a result, the mare becomes receptive, and the stallion becomes more dominate. Testosterone increases which promotes increased reproductive behavior, spermatogenesis

  • Endosulfan Literature Review

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    Impact of Endosulfan on Male Reproductive functions - a review ABSTRACT Endosulfan is an organochlorine insecticide and acaracide used to control a broad range of insect and arthropod pests on a wide variety of crops in many agrosystems. It can cause acute and chronic toxicity. Endosulfan is a neurotoxin, haematoxin, genotoxin and nephrotoxin. Toxicity of this insecticide on reproductive organs is confirmed. So this article reviews experimental and epidemiological studies of reproductive toxicity

  • Gametogenesis Lab Report

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    Introduction Gametogenesis refers to the production of haploid sex cells within an organism. The haploid sex cells are composed of half of the genetic material of that from the germ-line of the parents. The process of gametogenesis could not take place without two specific organs, the ovary and the testis. These two organs, the gonads, are composed of germ cells where meiosis occurs. Meiosis is the method that makes the germ cells haploid. In both males and females, this phenomenon can be observed

  • Varicoceles

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    blood through incompetent valves of the spermatic veins and there is good evidence to support this theory.( Skandhan& Rajahariprasad , 2007).The elevated intrascrotal temperature results in reductions of testosterone synthesis by Leydig cells and reduced Sertoli cell secretory function. increased testicular temperature in men with varicocele may reduced sperm quality and testicular functions ,Varicocele ligation has been demonstrated to be associated with reductions in intrascrotal temperature in

  • Module6LabAnswerSheet RANKOW Essay

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    becomes tightly wound and the genes are inaccessible. b. What happens to the amount of GFP mRNA? It reduces, there is almost none left. c. What happens to the amount of green fluorescent protein? It also reduces. d. What happens to the appearance of the cell? It becomes faded with a faint green color. 3. Click on the Labels button near the control knob to reveal the following three links that reveal information when clicked. Summarize the function of each: a. a. histone – these are a type of protein that

  • Brain Cells that Read Minds Essay examples

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    Cells That Read Minds 2 This article is about brain cells reaction that is called mirror neurons. This cell will react to different sounds or movement. The researchers found that on monkeys when they heard or saw a certain kind of movement that would make a sound or gesture. Also, that found reactions happen within Humans, also. Dr. Rizzolattis said it took them several years

  • Sorry But Your Soul Just Died

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    dystopia. Similar advances such as vitro fertilisation, surrogate motherhood, psychotropic drugs, and genetic engineering have also emerged in today’s society. Unlike the author of Sorry But Your Soul Just Die, I disagree that psychological drugs, stem cell research, and genetic engineering will send us into a dystopian society. The author of this article, Francis Fukuyama, is fearful that biotechnology will transform human nature as it did in Brave New World. Biotechnology will shift us into