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  • The Character Of Shoreditch

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    of ability and innovativeness, it's practically difficult to discover a spot that matches the character of Shoreditch. Arranged in the East End of London toward the north of the City of London, this internal city locale is genuinely the epicentre of workmanship, creative energy and yes, hipsterism. Creative History Quite a long time ago characterized as "forlorn and unpleasant", Shoreditch has developed a wide margin in the course of recent years. Prior to the 1990s, it had excessively numerous

  • How Did Elizabethan Theater Affect Popular Entertainment?

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    How did Elizabethan theater affect popular entertainment? It affected popular entertainment massively at the time because it was very different than anything that had been popular entertainment before it and because even though it was popular it attracted a lot of criticism from the English Society. It came about in a time when drama shifted from religious to a secular function in society. The Elizabethan Theater lasted from the end of the 16th century and well into the 17th century. And it set out

  • The Elizabethan Er The New Form Of Entertainment

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    In England, all the way back to the year 1567, a man by the name of John Brayne built the first theater that would soon become one of Englands favorite forms of entertainment. Elizabethan Theaters were used to perform plays, poems, and a few other things to the people of England. In total, there were eight theaters that were scattered all throughout England. The Elizabethan era lived a good long life, and was very successful in entertaining the people during it 's time. However, all good things must

  • The History Of The Globe Theatre

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    Luke Hallfrisch Prof. Rebecca Thornberry Intro to theater October 28, 2016 The History of the Globe Theatre Today we know of The Globe Theatre on because of the famous playwright and director known as William Shakespeare. The events which took place in The Globe’s past and what is its future may be, have become, and will be, an important part of the history of theater and drama. This paper will discuss the history of the Globe theatre, the importance it held at its time, and the importance

  • Elizabethan Entertainment Essay

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    In Elizabethan England, before the theatre was accepted, there were various forms of entertainment. Whether one lived in a small town or the great city of London, dances were very popular, as well as meeting with friends at the local pub for sing-alongs. Chess, checkers and tennis also happened to be popular games at the time, along with hunting, fencing and bear-baiting for the upper class. However, once the Globe Theatre was introduced in 1599, new standards for human fun and enjoyment were created

  • What Are The Role Of Women During The Elizabethan Era

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    Introduction The Elizabethan Era is said to have been one of the most interesting periods in the History of England. The Era being named after Queen Elizabeth the I, also called the Virgin Queen is not only famous for its monarchy and explorers but it was also the era of the appearance of the very first theatres in England ( Alchin,1). The Elizabethan theatre was a booming business for England, and the people loved it. However, there was one thing that the theatre was missing, women. Queen Elizabeth

  • Case Study On Shoreditch

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    The capital city of England is partitioned into many areas and one such internal city region is Shoreditch. It exists in the present day Central London and the notable East End of London quickly toward the north of the City of London. Suburbia of Shoreditch were very appealing and enchanting hence, known to be an incredible place for tourism. Besides, it's been very long that Shoreditch turned into a trendy and well known part of the London city. Additionally the costs of property and land have risen

  • Taking a Look at the Britannia Panopticon

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    "The Britannia Panopticon is not the sort of heritage you walk about gazing at while thinking, 'Isn't that pretty'," admitted the music hall’s preservation director Judith Bowers. She claims that a truly restored Panopticon would have to reflect its thousand-strong poor and even “rough” audience, paying tribute to the folk who frequented the theatre over its long history. The Panopticon was built in 1857 on the site of an old warehouse by the partnership of little-known architect Thomas Gildard and

  • What Is The Significance Of The Globe Theatre

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    The Globe Theatre is an open-air playhouse which is considered one of the most famous theatres in the world. Many of Shakespeare’s plays were written so that they could be performed in the theatre, and he was a part of the company that constructed and owned it. The theatre was built during a time whereby there was an entertainment vacuum in London, and was thus hugely popular amongst the masses for the variety of plays that graced its stage. Unfortunately, it was shut down and demolished in less

  • Character Analysis Of Beatrice And Benedick In Much Ado About Nothing

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    “Kill Claudio.” says Beatrice forcing  Benedick to prove his love to her by picking between her and Claudio to show her who is more important. In the first part of their conversation, Beatrice alludes that they have had some sort of past connection and Beatrice needs some reassurance from Benedick about their relationship.  Eve Best and Catherine Tate play Beatrice and Charles Edwards and David Tennant play Benedick in William Shakespeare’s play Much Ado About Nothing, a well-known comedy about love