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    The issues caused by child neglect are very hard for a child to overcome as they mature. This point is made clear by Bruno Bettelheim in, “Joey: A Mechanical Boy”. This story portrays how hard it was for a young boy named, Joey, to move past his parents neglect of him when he was a child. In the beginning when Bettelheim began working with Joey he noted the obvious mechanical behavior of the child. Joey operated by what appeared to be remote control. Joey himself believed that he was a machine, but

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    Growing up I had always been a quicker reader than most. I possessed a vocabulary more advanced than those around me, and all throughout high school I was reading college level material and even had a teacher tell me that some people are too smart for high school and should be able to go straight to college, and that I was one of those people. I have never been more than an average test taker, but I can learn quickly and now I push my younger brother

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    Before the publication of the DSM-5, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) was diagnosed as four separate disorders: autistic disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, childhood disintegrative disorder, and pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PPD-NOS) (Kress & Paylo, 2015). This was changed because it was discovered by researchers that the separate diagnoses were not consistently being diagnosed or applied with all treatment facilities, mental health providers, doctors or clinics (Kress & Paylo

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