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  • The Birth Of The Stolen Generation

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    The Stolen Generation was a period in which the Australian Government forcibly removed Aboriginal children from their homes. Children were then placed into institutions in a bid to completely rid of Indigenous Australians - this was a complete abandonment of their basic civil rights. The events that led to and occurred during this time period, affected children, families and their communities then, now and undoubtedly into the future. Although sometimes thought otherwise, the Stolen Generations actually

  • The Sapphires And The Stolen Generation

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    and how she is part of the Stolen Generation. I will use this storyline as the starting point for my diary entries. The film gave me background knowledge on Stolen Generation and their experiences they faced. However, I need to know extra information so I will do further research about the Stolen Generation, in order to give an accurate description of their experiences. This narrative is targeted towards everyone. It is designed to inform them about the Stolen Generation and how they changed when

  • Stolen Generation Essay

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    The "Stolen Generation" was a group of tragic people in Australian history, they are the victims of the "White Australian policy" pursued by the Australian government at the beginning of the 20th century. The apology to the Stolen Generations was the first conducted in Parliament by Kevin Rudd and it established a path to resolving the historical injustice which was fully controlled by the government (Reilly, 2009). This paper will reflect on my experience of the lecture from Ivan Clarke on the Stolen

  • The Stolen Generation In Australia

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    The Stolen Generation, was one of Australia’s most difficult situations, with multiple short-term and long-term impacts that severely affected Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander citizens. In supporting this claim, ‘The Stolen Generation’ was when Government officials took children away from their home and placed them with other families saying that it was for their own good. Children in this situation experienced much trauma and suffering, and also grew up knowing their culture. This

  • The Stolen Generations By Ashley Condon

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    Stolen Generations Speech- Ashley Condon The Stolen Generations is a term that is well known by nearly every Australian Nationwide. They were the Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders that we forcibly removed from their families whilst still children. The removals of these children occurred between 1909 and 1969. It is unknown how many suffered this but it is estimated to be around 100,000. The children were generally taken by Australian government officials or State and territory authorities

  • Kevin Rudd's Speech In The Stolen Generation

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    In February of 2008, on behalf of The Australian Parliament, Prime Minister of the time, Kevin Rudd, presented a speech directed towards “the Stolen Generation”. This extract addresses the horrific losses that the Indigenous community has endured in the recent past, acknowledging the mistreatment and offering stories of the abuse. In the context of an influential speech, the correct use of language is essential. When attempting to persuade listeners to agree with them, speakers must use a particular

  • The Stolen Generations

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    Introduction The Stolen Generations are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who, when they were children, were taken away from their families and communities as the result of past government policies. Children were removed by governments, churches and welfare bodies to be brought-up in institutions, fostered out or adopted by white families. The removal of Aboriginal children took place from the early days of British colonisation in Australia. It broke important cultural, spiritual and family

  • Stolen Generations

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    children affected by the government issued child removal policies were known as the Stolen Generation. These children were raised rejecting their own heritage and forbidden to speak their traditional language while under the care of their adoptive white family or institutions. The forcible removal of these children impacted not only the indigenous people but also the culture itself. Many of the Stolen Generations suffered physical, mental and sexual abuse and received very low level of education;

  • The Stolen Generations

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    History Assignment “One of the great holocausts ever committed against a race of people on this planet” was the Stolen Generations of children from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander decent. The Bringing Them Home Report, also known as the National Inquiry into the into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from Their Families however was an extremely pivotal event in the fight for civil rights for Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders as it initiated recognition

  • The Stolen Generation

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    The Stolen Generation occurred when the government of Australia decided that the Aboriginal community and culture was not worth coexisting with the European descended members of society. In the Bringing them Home Report, Wilkes (1997) describes the policy as a way to maintain control over the reproduction of Indigenous groups; with the main aim being to ‘merge’ or ‘absorb’ them into the non-Indigenous population. This was achieved by the forced removal of Aboriginal children, mainly of mixed descent