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  • Everyday Experience, Suggests Edgerton, Like Documentary,

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    Everyday experience, suggests Edgerton, like documentary, arises from the interplay of two realms; one hidden and one perceived. This duality, encompassing both the darkroom of the film developer and dark theater where the film is screened, pertains not only to documentary but to life as we live it. Masked by our “inherent inability to see,” and curled inside timescales we cannot untangle, a bizarre world plays out, contained by, yet isolated from that which we live in (Edgerton. 1970 1-2). Nevertheless

  • A Zombie's Thoughts to All Who Wronged Him Essay

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    The faces flashed before my face, they were sharp, angular, round. They appeared in swirls of colors, ranging from vibrant blood red to electric blueberry to a shade of highlighter caution yellow. The strobe lights gave a seizure like effect to the eyes. It became complete with the over blaring of the techno-tronic bass and the high soprano beeping of a synthesizer wailing like a person with second degree burns over the metal-based speakers. Each person in the room had a vice of sorts, an addiction

  • Harold Edgerton Analysis

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    Atomic bombs, guns, bullets, what else does Harold Edgerton photograph? Harold Edgerton had a different style from other photographers. He didn’t do the usual portrait or landscape. He would go to extreme lengths for one shot. Harold Edgerton was a photographer who took many photos that many other people wouldn't. He captured on film an atomic bomb that blew up milliseconds after the explosion. The picture was taken many miles away with a ten foot lens. He has taken many photos where he has shot

  • Picasso, Bravo, Alvarez, And By Night It Moaned

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    30. 1945, Bravo, Alvarez, And by Night It Moaned, Mexican, gelatin silver print. TXT- Bravo worked with surrealist photographs that were influenced by Mexican culture with religion to create symbolic images that are expressive emotionally and psychologically in the composition. Page 256 CLS- He captures weird photos that have a painterly aspect in them to depict the subject matter and to reveal the expressive behavior in them with the entire composition. 31. 1952, Brandt, Bill, Nude, London, British

  • Cognitive Learning Theory

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    Cognitive Learning Theory Angela Baker PSY 331 Mr. Domingo Mamaril June 21, 2010 Cognitive Learning Theory Cognitive theorists try to explain human behavior by understanding how we process and store new information. The cognitive theories of learning originated from the gestalt theory. The three major contributors to the cognitive learning theories were Jean Piaget, Edward Tolman, and Albert Bandura. In this paper, I will evaluate the work of all three theorists, demonstrate an understanding

  • Horinzontal

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    Chapter 3 Falling Objects and Projectile Motion Gravity influences motion in a particular way. How does a dropped object behave? !Does the object accelerate, or is the speed constant? !Do two objects behave differently if they have: !different masses? !different shapes? Acceleration Due to Gravity " Earth exerts a gravitational force on objects that is attractive (towards Earth’s surface). " Near Earth’s surface, this force produces a constant acceleration downward

  • Asaaaa

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  • Project Completion Method: Stochastic Project Scheduling Simulation

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    Manuscript ID: CO/2003/022870 Specialty Area: Cost & Schedule Audience: Researchers PROBABILITY OF PROJECT COMPLETION USING STOCHASTIC PROJECT SCHEDULING SIMULATION (SPSS) Dong-Eun Lee1 ABSTRACT This paper introduces a software, Stochastic Project Scheduling Simulation (SPSS), developed to measure the probability to complete a project in a certain time specified by the user. To deliver a project by a completion date committed to in a contract, a number of activities need to be carried out. The time

  • History of Film

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    Plays and dances had elements common to films- scripts, sets, lighting, costumes, production, direction, actors, audiences, storyboards, and scores. They preceded film by thousands of years. Much terminology later used in film theory and criticism applied, such as mise en scène. Moving visual images and sounds were not recorded for replaying as in film. The camera obscura was pioneered by Alhazen in his Book of Optics (1021),[2][3][4] and was later perfected near the year 1600 by Giambattista