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  • Persuasive Essay On Breast Cancer

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    firm decision to not allow silence rule over her breast cancer experience during the late 1970s. Through The Cancer Journals: Special Edition, Audre Lorde starts the conversation about breast cancer from her own experiences. Lorde focuses on the topics of cosmetics, funding focus, and the barrier of silence. On the surface, the slogan “save the titties (or boobies),” may seem completely harmless since it brings awareness to breast cancer. Even so, this slogan perpetuates the outrageous female beauty

  • Cancer Reflective Journal Analysis

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    The purpose of this reflective journal is to describe how my capacity to view the world was changed by my experience with cancer. In this paper, I will explain the circumstances surrounding my cancer. I will also include how I felt while this traumatic event was happening and how having this cancer at such an impressionable age has helped me to become more empathetic towards my hypothetical patients and the general population as a whole. When I was fifteen years old I was diagnosed with stage 2b

  • Watchful Waiting

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    To the best of my understanding, the review article ‘Watchful waiting for prostate cancer’ discusses early detection and treatment of prostate cancer whilst questioning the efficacy of aggressive treatment in comparison to other methods such as watchful waiting (or delayed, conservative therapy). “Watchful waiting is an approach to a medical problem in which time is allowed to pass before medical intervention or therapy is used. During this time repeated medical testing may be performed”. The rationalization

  • Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Report

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    The article, Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer written by Adi Ferrara is an informational general review journal article. It informs and explains to the audience what non-small cell lung cancer is. This article was published in the journal, Radiation Therapist in spring 2013. Section 3: Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, is a journal article which gave the audience an overview of what non- small cell lung cancer is. The journal article starts off by giving the audience a brief but detailed explanation of the

  • Oncotarget Critical Review

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    Oncotarget is a medical journal published by Impact Journals. It carries in it peer-reviewed information on matters of cancer, an illness that is taking the lives of people left-right-and-center. Cancer is a deadly illness, terminal to say the least. Any information giving a lead to better chances with cancer is much appreciable. Oncotarget is there for everyone, to ensure that people have access to cancer information every time they need it. Every week, Oncotarget provides readers with insightful

  • Running Head : Eliminating Cancer

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    RUNNING HEAD: ELIMINATING cancer ELIMINATING cancer Eliminating Cancer Chauncey Caffey Kean University If there is a disease that needs to be eliminated from the plant it should be Cancer. Cancer is the number one cause of death in countries that are economically developed and the second leading cause of death in developing countries. (Organization, 2004) The burden of cancer is increasing in economically developing countries as a result of population getting older

  • Research on Lung Cancer Risk Factors

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    lung cancer risk factors can be dated to the 1990's is because this period was defined by an increased societal awareness to the adverse health effects of smoking tobacco. During the 1990's, over 40 states filed federal lawsuits against major American tobacco companies, and the growing involvement of the Surgeon General's office motivated many independent researchers to narrow their focus to lung cancer and its causes. Furthermore, this period of time saw the largest increases in lung cancer rates

  • Aim And Scope Essay

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    Aim & Scope Recent Research in Oncology and Treatment is a medical journal that addresses to educate the health professionals and specialists about the standard, quality and value of care and development in science, and health services research to be provided to patients suffering from cancer. It is an Open access scholarly journal that publishes the outright and dependable source of knowledge and information on the discoveries, current developments and disclosure in the mode of Book Review, Case

  • Breast and Ovarian Cancer Essay

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    Speech Title: Breast and Ovarian Cancer Purpose Statement: This speech has a primary goal of educating the audience and to give a better understanding of what breast cancer is and how it can be treated with detection by a vast variety of methods. It will also give better understanding that not only women but men also are susceptible to breast cancer. Introduction I. Attention: There are a number of researches done about breast and ovarian cancer. Breast cancer is the second largest cause of

  • Oncotarget Code Of Conduct

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    Primarily focusing on oncology, the peer-reviewed journal Oncotarget also publishes work in the aging, immunology, microbiology, autophagy and cell death fields. Research papers receive a timely and unbiased peer review; Oncotarget also accepts reviews, case reports, editorials and news. Oncotarget publishes under a Creative Commons Attribution License, where the researcher's contribution to cancer research is recognized by redistribution, reuse and frequent frequent citations of his or her paper