Personal Statement : Becoming A Resident Assistant

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1. What do you bring to the position? What do you hope to gain from the position? * As a hardworking, dedicated, and self-motivated individual I would bring a very positive attitude to the position. I am someone who is always happy to help and excited to participate in new things. I would go into the position with the experience of working with others, large scale planning, and a strong leadership ability. From this position I hope to gain a lot, I hope to gain a better understanding of myself, more experience in working as a team, and really getting to know new people. As a resident assistant, I really hope that I can further my networking and communication skills. I hope to form bonds with residents and members of the resident assistant team. I also hope to really gain a lot from working as a team, and working with everyone as a whole. 2. Why do you want to be a Resident Assistant? What skills do you possess that would make you a good candidate for the position? * I would like to be a Resident Assistant so that I can help the residents. I know that my first semester away from home was very hard. I really want to be there for my residents as my RA was there for me. Furthermore, I would really like to be an RA for all the experience it provides. Building and working in teams is something that I enjoy and would like to get more practice in. Also, gaining more experience in managing conflict resolution, effectively communicating with new people, and maintaining a
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